Why Being Part of An Elite Group is Worth It

If you want to become part of the world’s elite group, be a member of Slaylebrity, today! This luxury social network will not only introduce you to tons of shopping extravagance only a few can access, but also the opportunity to earn+ lots of cash by referring others and sponsoring a post.

Each of the cards they offer stands for your level of membership, bronze to ultimate gold and black card. You will be given the chance to share to their elite world how great it is to be part of Slaylebrity group by posting through their beautiful website.

Where do you want to join? It is all up to you, but rest assured, you will never regret being part of this luxury online shopping club, whichever level of membership you decide to be part of. If you decide to go for bronze which is worth $12000, enjoy 12000 credits per year, 10% discount, 10% referral fees, 50 slay dollars and $500 per post. For silver costing $18000 you can gain 18000 credits a year, 15% discount, 15% referral fees, 100 slay dollars and $600 for post. Meanwhile, for gold membership which costs $60000, you will get 60000 credits per year, 25% discount, 150 slay dollars and $1000 per post. And lastly, for the most elite of all elite, black membership which costs $10000, you will get to enjoy 100000 credits, 30% discount, 30% referral fees, 200 slay credits and $5000 per post. All the credits can be upgraded anytime you wish to, including your level of membership.

If you do not mind spending dollars to access the luxury marketplace, being part of this group is what you must aim. There are so many privileges one can get from being a member, if you are looking for luxury gifts, handmade gifts and other luxurious pieces, your access to this most expensive shopping club will bring you to places only you and the rest of the billionaires in the world can see. 

As a member of this billionaires club, you can also get the chance to earn by reselling any items that you purchase at a price of your liking. If you are successful referring friends and family to join this elite group, you will also get the chance to earn huge amount of money. Visit the website at https://www.slaylebrity.com/slay-club-world to get the knowledge about Luxury social network.

Also, get the chance to share to the world of elite people your content and start to earn from it. And when an advertiser requests to advertise on your slaylebrity’s beautiful page, you will get payment from it too.

All these privileges are all yours to enjoy when you become a member of this group.

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