Scott Masters is running 10 kms every day to raise 10k for NAMI, nation’s leading mental health organization

Scott Masters is on a mission to create more awareness about mental health issues and raise money for donating to NAMI, the nation’s largest grassroots national mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by mental illness. To accomplish his ‘10K to 10K’ goal, he is running 10K every day until he raises $10,000 for NAMI. Having suffered from mental illness himself, Scott realized that this issue is quite underrated in our society and has a lot of stigma around it, which inspired him to start this project for helping more people with mental illness to come out and seek professional help, for living a better life.

“When I was growing up, being “mental” was a derogatory term. Why would I ever say I had mental issues? I would never have admitted or even understood that I suffered from a mental illness. It took me 41 years to start to comprehend how my brain works. Forty years is a long time to be lost, confused or without help.” – Scott Masters.

Scott, currently 41, went through some really difficult times in his life where he was suffering from constant anxiety, insomnia, and feeling negative all the time. He started to feel hopeless, didn’t feel like going to work, socializing, even meeting the friends and family members. This continued for so many years until he realized the root cause of the problem and that he needed to do something to change it.

“24 years of lack of sleep, anxiety, obsessive behaviors and etc takes a toll. My mind and body weren’t able to keep up. I set myself up for a major crash. And it happened. I lost everything I worked so hard to achieve. Darkness set in. I was unable to gain control.”

One Friday afternoon in Texas, Scott decided to seek help from a therapist in Denver. The journey thereafter, for him was long, filled with constant motivation and gathering up strength every day to keep going, no matter what.

After battling mental health issues for a long time, he decided to start the 10K for 10K project to help others understand the importance of mental health. “I have a mental illness but I am mentally strong as fuck. Just like 50 million other North Americans.”

Read Scott Masters complete story and donate to the 10K for 10K project here.


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