Ornella Fado Becomes the Brand Believer of Gioielli DOP

TV producer and hostess, and popular foodie, Ornella Fado, continues to add glamor to eating with her favorite everyday foodwear.

Ornella Fado has continued in her pursuit of promoting Italian food and everything that is associated with it, a feature that has become the foodie’s signature over the years. The popular TV producer, enthusiast of Italian food, and hostess of Brindiamo! a TV series about Fine Italian Restaurants broadcast on NYC life since 2005 and available on Amazon Prime in 69 countries around the world, is currently promoting Italian Food Heritage through Gioielli DOP, referring to it as her “everyday foodwear”.

Photo Credit: Simone Caprifogli

Italian foods have become increasingly popular worldwide, with food lovers continuously seeking the best restaurants and other such venues that offer authentic Italian foods. The demand for Italian food has led to more food businesses entering the Italian food sector, ultimately increasing the number of venues offering Italian foods. However, there is room for improvement when it comes to the quality of experience provided to Italian food lovers and other such customers. This is where Ornella Fado has been at the forefront of the movement, offering innovative ways of putting Italian food in its deserved place worldwide.

Photo Credit: Simone Caprifogli

“I dedicated the past 15 years of my career to promoting my beautiful country trough my TV show Brindiamo! bringing the audience to learn about traditional products, cooking with Italian chefs delicious recipes with DOP products. Now I can make my own recipes and wear every day my favorite food, as I like to call my foodwear,” said Ornella.

Photo Credit: Francesca Zavattieri

Ornella Fado has grown to become a significant figure in the Italian food business and the story of Italian food worldwide cannot be complete without a mention of the popular Italian food enthusiast. Over the years, Ornella has been involved in several innovative projects to promote Italian food and the culture as a whole.

Photo Courtesy: Gioielli DOP Archive

GIOIELLI DOP is one of her most recent projects where she promotes the Italian food culture through several amazing foodwear. The brand aims to help customers to discover and wear charming regional food specialties from Italy, promoting Italian Food Heritage through the first foodjewelry collection. The company offers an amazing collection of handmade jewelry designed in Italy, providing the best of craftsmanship and creativity from Arezzo (Tuscany), the very heart of Italy, where the craft of goldsmithing dates back to the Etruschi. GIOIELLI DOP aims to spread the rich cultural heritage of Italy with fantastic crafts of iconic cities and Italian souvenirs.

Other projects from Ornella include Brindiamo! The TV show, Brindiamo! Guide, and the Brindiamo! Gift Cards, all designed to promote everything that relates to Italian food and how lovers of good food can have the best possible experience enjoying their favorite Italian meals.

Ornella Fado is also the founder and owner of OK Productions LLC, New York-based media productions company that handles her media projects.

For more information about OrnellaFado and her amazing works, please visit – www.ornellafado.com.

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