PaloAlto entered the commercial field of Privacy Protection through Zero-Knowledge Proof

Zero-Knowledge Proof may be the solution with the most cutting-edge technique and meanwhile it is the most powerful. Generally, how do we describe Zero-Knowledge Proof?

We can say the Ring signature technology is a type of weakened Zero-Knowledge Proof. But next what we discuss is the Zero-Knowledge Proof in general. We may think in this way, there may exist some numbers in your mind, and at the same time there is also an equation with a vacancy. What you need to prove is without any other knowledge you know which number can be filled in this equation and that makes this equation true. And the number filled in this equation can be seen by every one regardless of encryption or not. If it can make the equation true, that is Zero-Knowledge Proof.

PaloAlto team as well as the founder Vitalik Buter of Ethereum mainly focuses on Zero-Knowledge Proof. According to Vitalik Buter, more and more people start to know the method and his team has also made some progress in the field of Zero-Knowledge Proof and this method is applicable. Also he thinks the method does not help much for layer 1 but it can help a lot for layer 2.

PaloAlto team indicated Zero-Knowledge Proof for Digital Cash will become one of the most attractive blockchain solutions in the future. One can prove something is true without having to say why. It is just like you can prove you’re 45 without showing official documents. Zero-Knowledge Proof will be a revolutionary solution in the next few years. 

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