CiVS Revolutionise Enterprise Agreements with Online Voting System in Australia

CiVS Revolutionise Enterprise Agreements with Online Voting System in Australia

Subiaco, WA – CiVS’s online voting system in Australia is offering companies an innovative way to manage enterprise agreements. With this system, employees can vote through a variety of channels in an accurate, confidential manner.

The CiVS founders recognised the need for an easier way for employees to participate in enterprise agreements. This revelation led them to create online voting software that clients can use to collect data from their employees. When business owners visit their website, they can sign on for data collection tools that utilise online, phone, and SMS services.

The company manages the entire process and provides users with three different channel options. The online channel is ideal for ballots that are more complicated or require short answers. Those who utilise the SMS and phone channels can cast simple yes/no votes. The secured system ensures that each member only participates once to generate accurate results.

Clients can choose any combination of channels for their employees. CiVS offers a proposal arrangement for business owners to consult on the most effective ballot method for their enterprises.

Although the company mainly deals with votes concerning enterprise agreements, it caters to a variety of ballots. Clients can take advantage of CiVS’s services for everything from their elections to their protected action ballots.

Above all, the company’s leadership team emphasises the importance of security. The staff who operates the company’s online voting software undergoes rigorous vetting, including an initial police clearance. This ensures that clients can depend on CiVS to guarantee the utmost confidentiality.

Aside from security, the company dedicates itself to catering to client needs. Its staff has many years of experience working with HR professionals across the country. These relationships have allowed them to better understand their clients and offer relevant solutions.

Throughout its operation, the company has managed over 1,000 ballots. More than a quarter of a million people across the country have participated in the process.

CiVS have built their reputation as a user-friendly service that delivers accurate, confidential voting results. The company has worked with Australia’s top businesses, who entrust their data collection needs to CiVS. As their clients’ needs change, the company will likely continue to adapt their services accordingly.

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