“STORM” in Cannes! The Storm Media collaborates with “MIPCOM” to present the Taiwan Pavilion, bringing breathtaking performance to the world

2019 “MIPCOM” (Marché International des Programmes de Communication, Engine: International Market of Communications Programmes) one of the world’s most iconic professional television and digital content festival, grand opening will begin on Oct. 14, taking place at Palais des Festivals.

In the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and MIPCOM 2019, the Taiwan Pavilion is supported by Taiwanese leading media brand The Storm Media.

In this year’s  “MIPCOM”  the Taiwan Pavilion is supported by Taiwanese leading media brand The Storm Media. Through variety ways, The Storm Media hope to assist and fully support Taiwanese digital content (television, movie, animation, IP authorization, platform contents, and mobile game developing companies) to market internationally and mounting oversea markets. The New Taipei City Department also promoted the New Taipei City documentary in this exhibition. Taiwan Pavilion have gained attention from FOX、NBCABC and other international medias on the grand opening day.

The Storm Media, belonging to Storm Media Group, started from 2014 and upholding the philosophy of “Stay True, Look Beyond”, has been one of the most trusted independent media in Taiwan. We focus on the cores of Taiwan local and international in-depth news reports and bring global influence by cooperating with BBC, Deutsche Welle, Wall Street Journal and many other global new media.

The Storm Media, the most influential independent media in Taiwan.

2017, The Storm Media merged news magazine The Journalist and iconic public opinion poll company TISR. Building a global diversification platform combining internet, print media and poll, allowing The Storm Media to see the bigger picture and expand its vision.

Adhering to both quality and quantity, The Storm Media has reached the top No. 17 on the Taiwanese websites ranking within 5 years. The Storm Media has won numerous awards domestic and international; including Tseng Hsu-Pai Journalism Award, The Consumer Rights Reporting Awards, Contemporary Taiwan Development Journalism Awards, Taiwan News Photographer Competition, etc., and is the only media in Taiwan invited by United States Department of State to attend “Media Literacy and Press Freedom in the 21st Century” event.

The Storm Media collaborating with Taipei Multimedia Production Association (TMPA) participates this year’s “MIPCOM”. We work together with 13 Taiwanese film makers to build “Taiwan Pavilion”, present the authentic features of Taiwan, bring Taiwan content industry to the international stage. In this global and iconic event, Taiwanese media will document the extraordinary moment with its own eyes and broadcast to the world.

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