How to find equipment loans for a junk removal business

Starting a junk removal business requires the acquisition of new sets of equipment from time to time for different reasons. The need for the new sets of equipment differs, depending on the business and the industry. Funding remains one of the biggest challenges faced by small businesses with a study revealing than about 60% of small businesses face cash flow problems every year. Consequently, businesses to acquire new equipment, upgrade existing machinery, or replace old equipment find it difficult to access funds. Thankfully, funding options like equipment loans have been created to help businesses in this situation.

Factors to consider when choosing equipment loans

The decision to find equipment loans is just one step out of the process as business owners need to carefully assess a number of factors to be sure of what they are getting into. These considerations are highlighted as follows:

  • The specialty of the lender

  • Size of the loan

  • The qualifications required by the lender

  • Interest rates

  • Speed of funding

  • Loan terms

How to get approved for equipment loan financing

The application process for each lender is often slightly different. However, there are expectations that are generally expected from every borrower to qualify for a loan, regardless of the lender.

  • Gather all necessary business information, including ownership information, contact information, federal tax ID numbers, and whether the business is an LLC, corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship.

  • Ensure credit is in good shape to increase the chances of approval with lenders giving preference to business owners who have personal credit scores of at least 600 or business credit scores of at least 7

  • Collect all necessary financial records of the business, including financial statements, bank balances, and tax records.

  • Create a detailed plan for investing the loan if the application is eventually approved.

  • Shop different equipment loan lenders using the criteria listed above.

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