The Guardian: Interactive Book, A Story Of Friendship, Kindness, And Adventure For Kids

Enjoy a powerful, heartful story told with professional voiceovers, lovely animations, jigsaw puzzles, and other minigames in English, Japanese, or Russian. In The Guardian: Interactive Book, a young girl and her Guardian join forces for an unforgettable journey.

The Guardian: Interactive Book, a mobile application by NoStoryboardsAtAll Inc., is now available on iOS devices. The Guardian: Interactive Book tells the story of friendship between a little girl and her secret guardian, the Kind Spirit, in six interactive, animated chapters.

Readers and listeners enjoy a powerful, heartful story in The Guardian: Interactive Book. Told with lovely animations, jigsaw puzzles, and other minigames, readers and listeners can have the story told with professional voiceovers in English, Japanese, or Russian for each of the story’s six chapters.

Every child has his own Guardian, a little fluffy creature which can be seen only by children. The Guardian, who lives under one’s bed, does not like to hear frightened or sad children, and so the Guardian enters a child’s dreams and protect them from the bad, frightening creatures that exist there. In The Guardian: Interactive Book, watch as the Guardian protects against a variety of creatures as the girl meets her Guardian and they join forces together for an unforgettable journey.

To learn more or to download the free application to your iOS device today, please visit the iOS App Store here


Written by Krylova Tatyana and illustrated by Alla Bobyleva, The Guardian: Interactive Book comes to life on iOS devices with the help of iOS Developer and Marketing Alexandar Pozakchine. A story of friendship, Guardians, and journey against bad, frightening creatures in the dreams of children, The Guardian: Interactive Book is a heartwarming, interactive story for children worldwide.

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