Moving Windows 10 to SSD Not as Difficult as Some Think

Moving Windows 10 to SSD Not as Difficult as Some Think

Sometimes, technology can be intimidating. SSDs, or solid-state hard drives, are becoming increasingly popular and a great way to update older computers, but the idea of migrating all of the data from one computer to another can seem overwhelming. However, anyone can do this. When they’re done, business owners can work with companies like Exit Technologies to dispose of their old hard drives properly and safely.

Why Switch to SSD?

SSDs are faster and more dependable than standard hard drives. They can also hold more data compared to older hard drives that may still be in the computers a business uses. Business owners will find they can update their computers quickly and easily with the SSDs and improve production drastically because it won’t take as long for programs to load or data to save. Then, to get rid of the old hard drives, they can visit for more information.

Gather Everything You’ll Need for the Transfer

It’s important to have everything needed before getting started. Beyond the SSD, the business owner will need a tool to clone Windows 10 with a backup of the data currently on the computer and a way to connect the SSD to the computer. It’s a good idea to also have a Windows system repair disc on hand just in case anything goes wrong during this process.

Start by Cloning the Hard Drive

After backing up all of the data, the next step is to clone the hard drive. Open the cloning software and follow all directions carefully to create a copy of Windows 10. During the setup, make sure the destination drive is set to be the SSD drive. The cloning process can take a while to complete depending on how much data needs to be cloned and moved to the new hard drive.

Make Sure Everything is Set Up

Once the software has finished, check to ensure Windows 10 loads and make sure the transfer was successful. It’s always a good idea to check all data before getting rid of the hard drive. If anything is missing, use the backup created before beginning to restore it. At this point, the transfer should be finished and the remaining computers, if necessary, can be done using the same process.

Get Rid of Old Hard Drive Properly

Once the old hard drive is no longer needed, it’s important to dispose of it properly. Business owners can visit websites like to get help with this. Especially for businesses, it’s crucial to make sure all of the data on the old hard drive is deleted so it cannot be recovered. Then, it’s a good idea to look into selling the old hard drive so it can be recycled. This helps the environment and keeps the older hard drives out of landfills.

If you’re ready to update the computers for your business, try switching to an SSD instead of the older hard drives. This can provide numerous benefits and help the computers run faster. When you follow the directions here, you’ll find it’s easy to transfer all of the data on the computer to your new SSD.

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