Adras & Altig, Attorneys at Law Provide Representation for Clients in Las Vegas on DUI Charges

Adras & Altig, Attorneys at Law Provide Representation for Clients in Las Vegas on DUI Charges

Adras & Altig, Attorneys at Law are representing clients if they receive a Las Vegas DUI charge. As Las Vegas DUI attorneys, they will endeavor to provide the best legal aid for their clients.

Adras & Altig, Attorneys at Law have dealt with numerous Las Vegas DUI charges over the years, and their attorneys are highly skilled and experienced.

When you choose Adras & Altig, Attorneys at Law to represent you, you will work directly with our firm’s dedicated partners, not be passed off to a junior attorney or a legal assistant. Our attorneys will collaborate with you as we build your defense, outlining all your options, and answering all your questions.

In the state of Nevada, you can be convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) for multiple reasons. Unfortunately, a conviction can mean the loss of your driver’s license, your freedom, and hundreds of dollars.

The Las Vegas DUI attorneys understand how to mediate between their clients’ passion and the integrity of the judicial process. They ensure a balance between the two, so their attorneys understand they must obey an order of the court, but they also make sure to represent their clients to the best of their ability.

When it comes to a hearing to determine and whether he or she has violated the terms and conditions of probation imposed, the defendant’s rights are usually less than they would be at trial. That is why Adras & Altig, Attorneys at Law are providing aid and representing clients in Las Vegas.

They will work hard to negotiate and discuss with the judge the possibilities of alternatives to remanding the client to jail.

Instead, the Las Vegas DUI attorneys will aim to extend the probationary period as a suggestion, for instance, together with the imposition of a fine or community service. They will do this by presenting to the court an acceptable alternative to a jail sentence, stressing the benefits to society of such an option.

Adras & Altig, Attorneys at Law take on my DUI cases but try to limit them to a certain amount per week, so that they can work each case thoroughly and give every client the service and attention they want as a client themselves.

There are no lengthy payment plans, but clients are aware of the exact amount upfront. They also co-counsel cases with attorneys they are mentoring, so clients can hire those attorneys and have me involved in an advisory capacity. Clients receive the benefit of a lower fee, but the value of the law firms experience.

The Las Vegas DUI attorneys at Adras & Altig, Attorneys at Law ensure their main focus is to get the best results possible for clients charged with a DUI in Las Vegas.

One previous client of the Las Vegas DUI attorneys, who have used Adras & Altig, Attorneys at Law as their legal representation numerous times have emphasized their satisfaction with the outcome of their cases. They can sincerely say that they would recommend Adras & Altig, Attorneys at Law if you need help.

Adras & Altig, Attorneys at Law are offering a free consultation to discuss your DUI charge.

You can reach Adras & Altig, Attorneys at Law online at or call the office on (702) 385-7227 if you would like a Las Vegas DUI attorney who cares about their clients.


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