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Driving to work or long distances can be a harrowing experience on the road, if you have a car that cannot cut out the outside noises. To make your driving experience a pleasurable one, you therefore have to consider car soundproofing. While most high end cars come loaded with sound deadening features, small cars have to undergo car soundproofing manually. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to soundproof your car, no matter which car you drive. Here is a ready reckoner to go about car soundproofing with different materials. Let us take you through the process step by step.

Choice of material

Damping mats – Often made of rubber, damping mats are a popular choice of material for car soundproofing

. They have an adhesive for easy attaching and can cover the car panels. Besides, damping mats are easy to install.

Sprays- Sprays for soundproofing purposes can either come in easy to use aerosol cans or cans that require a paint gun or a compressor to use. Spray can be used for soundproofing your car if the matting is too bulky for your car and can lead to your car getting too heavy.

Foams- Foams for soundproofing purposes come in either sheet or spray form. These sheets of foam are used as damping mats and are laid on the car panel to absorb vibration. Unlike mats that convert the vibrations to heat, the foam sheets disperse the energy throughout the sheet.

Insulation- The most common material used for insulation is either jute or micro jute. Although it is not as effective as the other materials mentioned above for car soundproofing, it absorbs the sound under the carpeting and makes you car plusher.

How to use damping mats for car soundproofing :

Here is the procedure to use damping mats:

Step 1: Remove the door panels in order to provide proper access to the mats

Step 2: Clean the door panels properly, ideally with acetone to ensure that the glue sticks on properly

Step 3: The damping mat will either come with an adhesive at the back or you will need to apply glue at the back to use it.

Step 4: Placement of the mats is most important. Place a damping mat between two door panels to reduce vibrations that will soundproof your car effectively. Place another mat inside the engine compartment to reduce the rattling sounds.

Step 5: For the small places between the panels use spray or foam. You can even use it in the engine compartment, but you need to ensure that the spray you use is compatible with it.

Use of insulation for car soundproofing:

Step 1: Remove the seats and door panels from the car

Step 2: Take all the measurements of the door panels and the floor to install the insulation

Step 3: In the next step, cut the insulation material carefully according to the measurements that you have taken.

Step 4: Remove the carpeting from the floor

Step 5: Clean the areas well with acetone to ensure that the glue adheres properly

Step 6: Apply the glue to the floor of the car and to the panels of the door.

Step 7: Place the insulation on the area as soon as you have applied the glue. Make sure that the material is flattened out from corner to corner from the middle so that the materials fit. It is a good idea to use a bubble remover at this stage to ensure that there are no lumps in the insulation.

Step 8: All the small nooks and crannies that may have been left out, use foam or spray in these areas to seal the insulation

Step 9: Replace the carpet over the insulation and put the seats back in place.

As is evident from the steps we have described above, car soundproofing is not a very expensive but indeed an elaborate affair. While it can be a DIY project for you, if doing up your car yourself means the world to you. However, wisdom suggests that this is a job best left to the professionals. Of course, you can have a say in the choice of materials, but professionals would know the exact application of the car soundproofing material and would carry out a elaborate job like this impeccably and efficiently.

With extensive experience in car care, we have a wide range of car soundproofing solutions to suit every car and every pocket. All you have to do is drive in and leave the rest to our efficient experts to enhance your car in a way that it is soundproof. So if enhancing the sound efficiency of your car is on your mind, drive in today to any of our franchisees for a full evaluation of your soundproofing needs today. 

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