iFollowAlerts Announces Addition of ThemeParkAlerts, A Multi-Channel Communication Application Bolstering Theme Park Security

“Following iFollows Alerts proprietary emergency notification platform, ThemeParksAlerts will feature a “true” two-way notification system to bolster theme park security and provide safety alerts and notifications to guests, employees, and park administrators.”

Miami, FL – ThemeParkAlerts, a communication platform providing theme park employees with a voice in a park’s security protocols, enhances theme park safety and security. Mobile anytime and anywhere, the application is built for users on the move who need to receive and broadcast security alerts via a simple interface within minutes.

Over the past two years, iFollowAlerts’ programs have been utilized in hundreds of businesses and schools, and their expansion to theme park atmospheres of all sizes represents a natural growth to promote safety and security in more large crowd gatherings.

With the ThemeParkAlerts system, theme park employees refine their security protocols and emergency responses. In the case of a lost child, a parent approaches the first park employee they see, who uploads the child’s photo to their ThemeParkAlerts mobile app and within seconds sends an alert transmission to park administrators with details including the child’s name, age, and last observed area. Administrators can then broadcast details to all park employees using ThemeParkAlerts’ multi-channel delivery platform.

In our current times, theme park safety, and the safety of a theme park’s guests is a pressing issue ThemeParkAlerts addresses. CEO and Founder Steve Dinerman reflected on the need for improved security notification and protocol systems after a recent theme park visit this April, saying, “I took my 6-year niece to a theme park in Orlando. We weren’t there an hour when we looked up and my niece was nowhere to be seen. While retracing our most recent moves, I wanted to alert the security and employees to look for my niece. On a busy Saturday during spring break, this was not as easy as I had hoped. Thankfully, after 15 minutes of panic and hysteria, we located her.”

ThemeParkAlerts’ multi-channel delivery platform is also suitable for other breaches of theme park security. By keeping park employees, administrators, and guests in communication via a multi-channel delivery system, theme park safety, and security is improved, and dangerous catastrophes can be avoided.

For more information, or to request a 21-day trial, please contact iFollow ThemeParkAlerts at 786-224-5676 or visit ThemeParkAlerts.com.

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