Phantom focuses on the technology research and development and breakthrough R&D sharing technology and will not open the global public offering recently

Phantom announces to realize the pledge function of DeFi with its ecological PDEFI. Store Phantom pledged in DeFi and distributed the assets of PDEFI to users of Phantom.

Project Progress  

Phantom Labs, standard storage library has published the standard storage library of Phantom, which has provided technical design details for many ideas discussed in the strategic vision of Phantom. Now a special storage library has been created on GitHub for close cooperation with developer communities. Phantom Labs hopes to obtain the community feedbacks by sharing these specifications, discuss publically with the community on the implementation method of specification; encourage the community to conduct the development build and participate in the implementation of these ideas based on the specification to further accelerate the innovation of Phantom ecosystem.

Each account in Phantom is generally owned by the individual when just being created. And all operations can be conducted by single public and private keys. Later, the account can be expanded to the organizational account by authorization configuration, which will have multiple public and private keys, i.e., be controlled by multiple subjects, and even will allocate part of operating authorizations for the external individual of organization or organization, thus realizing the extremely flexible organization and management mode.

All transaction behaviors on Phantom are completed by the account. At first, Phantom will verify that whether the operator has enough authorities when executing any operation by the account and the operation will take effect upon passing the verification. 

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