How Ethical & Eco-Conscious Jewelry Brand Tsuki is Disrupting the Fashion Industry

This start-up is on a mission to reinvent the future of fashion by offering marginalized artisans wage increases of at least 500%.

Appleton, WI – Newly launched jewelry brand Tsuki is reinventing the future of fashion by unifying premium quality, beautiful design, ethical manufacturing, and sustainable practices, without charging a fortune. The company aims to connect marginalized artisans in the developing world to the global marketplace, offering wage increases of at least 500%, thus allowing them the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty.

Tsuki founder Austin Scribner explains that fashion is one of the most exploited industries in the world:

“The workers who make the clothes and accessories we wear are for the most part women (and children) who are forced to work long hours in unsafe, unsanitary conditions for a mere pittance. And the reason for this is that brands are constantly looking for cheaper labor in third world countries. This situation is showing no signs of improving – and in fact, as an industry, we are, shamefully, the largest employer of modern day slave labor.”

In the course of his research, Scribner has discovered some disturbing facts and statistics about the plight of these workers, which he outlines in his article on Fashion’s Impact.

Scribner also points out that the industry consumes an outrageous amount of resources, and is ranked as the second most polluting industry in the world – the first being the oil industry.

“At Tsuki, we love beautiful jewelry, but we’re committed to creating change in the industry. We believe that fair compensation and treatment for workers is a basic human right. And we are committed to helping our artisans and suppliers succeed, so that they can help lift their workers’ families out of poverty.”

The Tsuki team has established a supply chain in Kenya and Jaipur, India that allows marginalized artisans to retain about 22% of their revenue.  Additionally, for every purchase made, the company donates any remaining funds to support the developing communities they source their products from. These funds are commonly used to provide housing, clean water, electricity, and proper sanitation.

“We’re proud to say that we’re helping to eradicate hunger, poverty, and malnutrition, one purchase at a time,” Scribner adds. “Our jewelry is premium quality, and beautifully handcrafted. We hope you will browse our site and help us in our efforts to change the world.”

About the Company

Tsuki offers a stunning selection of rings, necklaces and bracelets created by artisans in third world countries. The company makes no profit from the sale of its jewelry. Instead, it uses that money to improve the lives of its workers, invest back into its supply chain, aid in water relief efforts, support clean-up projects, reforest depleted woodlands, and provide schools with educational materials.

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