RitaVPN Offers the Friendliest, Easiest VPN Service to Protect Privacy

October 21, 2019 – On the internet, all users are equal. But are they really? Content in various forms, whether news, videos or entire platforms, are known to be blocked by various agencies and intermediaries. The solution? A good virtual private network service like the RitaVPN.

There are many VPN services, but the best VPN among the lot is RitaVPN, whose mission is to offer the easiest, one-click available service, and make the internet what it ought to be – private, safe and fair.

A VPN service goes beyond watching Netflix, and actually keep the users safe and anonymous at all times, giving them access to a huge variety of content otherwise not accessible from their countries and locations – news, social media, sporting events, streaming videos or entertainment without any censors or limits to bandwidths.

RitaVPN offers four important features:

  1. Anonymous internet access

  2. Hides IP address

  3. Encrypts traffic

  4. Bypasses geo-blocks

RitaVPN is very friendly to the beginners, as it’s easy to use with just one-click to start and without any extra configuration. As its high compatibility, it’ll work on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS with a single account,” says Kenna from RitaVPN.

For beginners, RitaVPN is a service that hides the user’s IP address and keeps user information safe from all third parties, including their internet service provider (ISP), government or the platforms they visit. Thus no one knows which website the user has visited, or the content they have accessed or downloaded.

RitaVPN is a full protection service and does not allow hackers to access one’s emails, social media accounts or other confidential information. For this, it uses strong encryption when using pubic networks.

It’s going very well on my phone and computer. With RitaVPN’s protection, I feel more secure while surfing the internet,” says a recent user.

For internet users of any background or profession, RitaVPN is the friendliest VPN service to bypass geo-restrictions or political and social blocking and constraints. To make it even better, users get live chat and email support from real humans to troubleshoot or clear inquiries related to any aspect of the service.

For more information, please visit: https://www.ritavpn.com/

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