Quanta CBD is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors.

Quanta CBD is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout\'s Direct Store Delivery Distributors.

Never greasy, our Hemp CBD lightly scented herbal rub will change the way you think about topicals.
Quanta CBD Muscle Rub is a premium natural product infused with CBD (Cannabidiol), arnica, turmeric, and a proprietary blend of essential oils for maximum anti-inflammatory relief. Packed with pain-fighting ingredients, our product works synergistically to increase circulation, ease aches and pains, and provide maximum relief, comfort, and overall well-being. This powerful, all-natural topical combines the best of science and nature, setting new expectations in pain relief.

Quanta, a biotech firm specializing in resonance energy, today announced the launch of its patented technology into the cannabis industry. Quanta’s core technology uses quantum physics to manipulate and stabilize electron spin in naturally occurring elements, such as cannabinoids, to increase performance in the body. The result of its process creates what the company calls “Polarized Cannabis.”

Cannabinoids, like many other naturally occurring elements, have traditionally entered the body with low levels of bio-energy. This shortage of energy is a primary reason consumers have unpredictable experiences that make them feel tired, paranoid, anxious and unable to focus mentally. The Quanta Technology recharges targeted elements and aligns electron spin to produce a more efficient chemical reaction in the body which helps increase the intended results.

“The cannabis industry needs innovations that remove the roadblocks to legitimacy, namely the traditionally unpredictable experience from one user to the next and the side effects that come with these experiences,” said Eric Rice, CEO of Quanta. “The effects of Polarized Cannabis are pretty much the opposite of what we traditionally think of as the effects of cannabis. Polarized THC products produce a frictionless experience full of focus, energy and relaxation, without paranoia, anxiety, tiredness or loss of brain function. You can actually feel our CBD products working and they don’t make you sleepy.”

CBD Products

Faster acting (minutes)
Higher energy (doesn’t make you tired)
Stronger healing power
Longer lasting effects

About Quanta

Quanta, a Los Angeles based biotech firm, focuses on developing and commercializing innovations that apply quantum mechanics to biochemistry. The firm shares its patented technology with high-quality, high-powered brands in the fields of vitamins, supplements, phytoceuticals and cannabis through its “Powered by Quanta” co-branding program to help bring higher performing natural products to the masses.

Find out more: http://www.Quanta9.com

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