The Chair Institute Unveils A Website With An Unlikely Focus

The Chair Institute Unveils A Website With An Unlikely Focus

Chairs are so ubiquitous and take so many forms that most people take them for granted. Most, but not all, as the fine folks at The Chair Institute are hoping to change that. As the name of their site indicates, they focus on just one thing: Chairs. It’s an interesting and unusual focus, and as we discovered in speaking with the Chair Institute Team, there’s a lot more to the subject than first meets the eye. 

On their site, you’ll find informational pieces that trace the history of chairs as a form of seating, the unlikely and fascinating history of the office chair, and more. In addition to that, you’ll find hard-hitting reviews on a staggering range of chairs, from office chairs, recliners, lift recliners, massage chairs, and the like. The site is brimming with a broad assortment of chair-related information designed to educate, delight, and inform. 

A spokesperson for The Chair Institute had this to say: 

“Chairs are things we use daily, often without thinking about them. But they’ve got a rich, vibrant history, both as works of art and as functional pieces of furniture or office equipment. Taking the time to learn more about the art, the history, and the industry behind them is an easy way to enhance our appreciation.”

We found The Chair Institute to be a well-researched, informative resource about a humble but essential topic.

If you would like more information about chairs or The Chair Institute, check out their website at Or you can email its team at [email protected]


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