WCTF in Xi’an Unveiled: Welcoming Ceremony Chang’an Impression Showing Ancient Capital’s Beauty of Etiquette

With the theme of “Intelligent Integration of Culture and Tourism”, the 2019 World Culture and Tourism Forum (WCTF) is held in Xi’an from October 22 to 25. WCTF gathers elites in the culture and tourism sectors to discuss the historic mission of promoting the tourism industry of the ancient capital Xi’an and the world in the new era.

Co-hosted byXi’an Municipal People’s Government and Ctrip Group, WCTFintegrates the industrial summits and cultural tourism festivals which highlight market effects based on its industrial influence, and designs a series of activities including “Night of Xi’an” — Promotion Conference for Cultural Tourism, Opening Ceremony of the 2019 WCTF, Forum on Internationalized Development of Tourism in Xi’an, Theme Forum on Inbound Tourism Development and Signing Ceremonies for Cooperation, Theme Forums on Intelligence-Driven Destination Marketing Strategy, on Sharing Accommodation Lifting up the Global Economy, and on Development of Culture and Tourism, Yo-Yo Ma — The Bach Project in Xi’an Concert, Ctrip Gorgeous Autumn in China * Enjoying the Autumn of Xi’an Tourism Festival, and Xi’an Simple Life Festival. Nearly 1,000 guests attend the major activities of WCTFheld from October 22 to 25, including more than 100 foreign guests from 26 countries and regions and more than 200 representatives of domestic industries and enterprises, with over 3,000 visits in total. Thanks to great industrial influence, WCTF is constantly covered by more than 400 famous media from home and abroad represented by the mainstream media including People’s Daily Online and Xinhua News Agency, with exposure of over 10 million times.

On the Forum, Ctrip Group will apply the big data to demonstration of the huge development in the tourism industry of Xi’an in 2018. The Group will also participate in the interconnected tourism promotion activities of multiple provinces and cities, and discuss how to facilitate the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry by means of digital tools and online marketing in the trend of culture-tourism integration.

Based on perspectives of inbound tourism, destination and attraction marketing in the new era, intelligent homestay development and operation as well as transformation and upgrading of cultural tourism, WCTF will thoroughly discuss opportunities and challenges of inbound tourism products in the context of consumption upgrading; deeply study actions to promote innovation and reform of destination and attraction marketing targeting to the new-generation tourism subject by applying technologies such as the Internet and big data; vertically analyze the directions and measures for enhancing selection of featured homestay and facilitating intelligent homestay under the service upgrading requirements by the homestay industry association; and specifically explore the methods to inject the innovation and uniqueness to cultural tourism products and boost their development and upgrading based on integration of culture and tourism industries.

“Tang Dynasty Grand Welcoming Ceremony” Unveiling the 2019 WCTF

On the day of the opening ceremony, an entrance ceremony named Chang’an Impression — Tang Dynasty Grand Welcoming Ceremony unveils the 2019 WCTF. By integrating the history of Xi’an, the ancient capital of 13 dynasties, and the cultural landscapes and customs along the Silk Road, the show presents not only the marvelousness and magnificence of the peaceful Chang’an, but also the grandness of Xi’an as an ancient capital with a history of more than 1,000 years and an eternal city in the oriental world.

Part I of the show is the “Tang Dynasty Grand Welcoming Ceremony” in which the etiquette activities of the Tang Dynasty are presented. Led by “lantern ladies” as well as “ushers”, “escorts” and “court ladies” played by 12 performers, guests of honor pass through the royal road to the Celebration Square where head and officials of the HongluOffice (the Court of State Ceremonials), are chanting to greet them.When the chanting is over, the bridge is placed and the gate is opened. The guests are greeted by the “golden armor warriors” parade.Then a guard of honor formation with 22 members,30 “warriors” led by three “military officers” as well as two “etiquette instructors” clustered by 12 “female civil officials” and four “civil officials”slowly marchin sequence and walk out of the city.. Passing by the mottled and weathered paved path, the guests are escorted to the barbican by the “head of the HongluOffice” when the “lantern ladies” file out.

After entering into the audience area at the barbican through the west paved path, the guests enjoy the live-action show of Chasing Dream on the Silk Road in the city wall. The show consists of three chapters, “Eternal City”, “Charm and Grace of the Tang Dynasty” and “Flourishing Capital”, as well as the epilogue “Peace in Chang’an”. Immersed in cultural elements of the ancient Tang Dynasty with a long history throughout the performance, guests seem to travel across time and space and dream back to Chang’an.

The Chang’an Impression — Tang Dynasty Grand Welcoming Ceremony also ushers in the four-day 2019 WCTF. The tourism industry is a sunrise industry with huge development potential. Taking “Intelligent Integration of Culture and Tourism” as the theme and focusing on internationalization and smart tourism, the Forum commits itself to advancing the technology-driven strategies to actively explore the tourism transformation and upgrading as well as the integration of oriental and western cultures and thoughts, seek new opportunities for the tourism industry, pursue a bright future for the global tourism industry, and undertake the historic mission of promoting development of the global tourism industry in the new era.

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