Eastern Pools Cautions Against Improper Opening And Closing Of Swimming Pools On Its Website

Eastern Pools Cautions Against Improper Opening And Closing Of Swimming Pools On Its Website
Eastern Pools, Inc. has warned its clients in Ohio not to try to close their pools without professional assistance. The company has discussed the dangers of having an improperly closed pool in a blog article published on its website.

NORTON, Ohio – Eastern Pools, Inc. has advised all its clients in Ohio to request professional pool closing services before the start of the winter season. The company has cautioned against improper pool closing and opening by pool owners. 

Eastern Pools, Inc. has cautioned its private and public pool clients against improper and unprofessional pool closing before the start of the cold season. The company has published an article in its blog warning all its clients not to try to close their pools without seeking the assistance of a professional. According to Eastern Pools, many pool owners think that closing a swimming pool before winter and opening it before spring is very easy. They do not see the need to hire a pool technician for this seemingly simple exercise. Eastern Pools warns that this is a very big misconception. The company notes that many people who try to close their own pools do not do it properly. As such, Eastern Pools has highlighted the dangers and problems for having an improperly closed swimming pool during the cold season.

According to Eastern Pools, an improperly closed pool can pose a serious safety risk to young children and even adults during the winter season. The company also indicates that an improperly closed pool is exposed to all kinds of hazards that can cause serious damage to its shell and to the pool lines during the harsh winter weather. This will result in huge repair and pool maintenance costs when the spring season starts next year. Eastern Pools also states that the water chemistry should be checked and regulated before closing the pool to prevent algae growth and to counter the effects of acid rain. That is the company is recommending professional pool closing services in Akron and surrounding areas. 

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Eastern Pools, Inc. is a pool and spa company certified and licensed to operate in the state of Ohio. The company provides its professional pool and spa services to private and public pool owners in the 5-county area in Ohio. Eastern Pools was founded back in 1963 and it boasts more than two centuries combined experience in the Ohio pool and spa industry. Reviews can be seen at https://goo.gl/maps/GGFt9uJ3fUk5KXDd7. The company provides the professional pool opening and closing services discussed above. It also provides professional pool and spa repair and renovation services, professional pool cleanings services, and the installation or construction of new swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs.

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