SSCC: Building the Consensus Value and Data Network of the Characteristics of the Digital Age of Assets

Art is to create, science is to innovate, and benefit is to share!

In the creation of human history, the pluralism and monism of value are inseparably linked. Therefore, in the process of value creation, not only the differences between social values are constantly formed, but also the consensus between social values is constantly formed on the basis of the pursuit of value consistency.

From the perspective of axiology, consensus means that “different value subjects reach agreement on a certain value or a certain kind of value and its rationality through mutual communication.”

Now the hierarchical organization spreads all over the society, and the development of technology makes our consensus system more open and decentralized. The power of science and technology represented by block chain technology is greatly simplifying and reducing the intermediate links through technical consensus, bringing subversive changes to human life.

Similarly, block chain is also a language. It is the language of the spiritual world, and the language of building trust between people. We produce each node of trust through block chain consensus, and ultimately bring about the redistribution of social value and wealth.

By using an open source block chain infrastructure, Spatial Storage Common Chain (SSCC) committed to building an efficient and energy-efficient value network, centralizing a highly modular infrastructure, and providing more innovative and dynamic POCC (POS + POC + POST) consensus. Integrating technology functional modules and eco-incentive models (the project’s original inverted triangular eco-fission model) into a commercial whole, we can build the common value and data network which adapt to the characteristics of the future digital era of assets, drive the commercial application of the whole technological innovation and promote the sublimation of human technological civilization by weakening the new thinking of the main chain.

In Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith said, “Our dinner came not from the good deeds of butchers, brewers and bakers, but from their own interests.” Creating ecology of all-staff participation and benefit sharing is the basic core and value of the Spatial Storage Common Chain.

We believe that one day you will see the full launch of the block chain technology epic project, which plays a huge role in identity security, Internet freedom, private networking, and decentralized financial and business networks!

This is Spatial Storage Common Chain (SSCC)!

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