Influencers from all over the world come to ID Hospital Korea for plastic surgery

Why do YouTube influencers from all over the world come to Korea for their plastic surgery?

Traveling for a plastic surgery in Korea is becoming a hot issue in other countries, and YouTube influencers from all over the world choose ID Hospital for their plastic surgery procedures. The driving factors for choosing ID Hospital are safety, experienced board-certified surgeons for each treatment area, dramatic transformation and premium post care.

The most popular surgery among foreigners is V-line surgery which consists of mandible angle reduction and chin genioplasty. V line surgery creates a perfect jaw line by shaving chin and the angular part of the jaw.

Other popular plastic surgery procedures are forehead reduction (hairline lowering surgery), facial fat graft, rhinoplasty, double eyelid surgery and even double jaw surgery. Many patients including YouTube influencers combine several surgeries for a more dramatic effect. 

YouTubers film their transformation journey from the moment of arriving to the airport until complete recovery, sharing their stories through the video and revealing the real step-by-step process of plastic surgery in Korea.

YouTube influencers who had their plastic surgery done in ID Hospital, Korea 

List of surgeries: forehead reduction, V line, rhinoplasty, fat graft

A famous Australian transgender and YouTuber Cluam Sutherland traveled to Korea in order to get a facial feminization surgery, which included forehead reduction, V line surgery, rhinoplasty and facial fat graft. Cluam posted a full video about her dramatic transformation on YouTube, reaching 1 million views.

List of surgeries: rhinoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, lateral hotz, fat graft

A famous clothes fashion YouTube blogger Kerina Wang, currently living in Canada, is a beauty inspiration for thousands of her subscribers. Before visiting ID Hospital she was insecure because of her wide and saggy nose shape. She also wanted to make her eyes bigger and to add volume on flat and sunken areas of her face. Kerina shared her plastic surgery video and thoughts on a YouTube channel, and now she is ready to inspire followers even more.   

List of surgeries: double jaw surgery, V line

“Food Tales” Mukbang YouTuber Bo was not comfortable with her protruding jaw and made up her mind to get her double jaw and v line surgery in ID Hospital. She recorded her plastic surgery video including consultation, recovery process, treatments and diet day by day. Now Bo is more confident and will be back to her delicious Mukbang videos after the complete healing.  

List of surgeries: V line, cheekbone reduction

Famous model who is aiming to become a living cartoon, Pixee Fox, has visited ID hospital for facial bone contouring. She underwent V line and cheekbone reduction surgeries in order to make her facial line more defined and slim. Pixee Fox has never made a secret of having multiple surgical procedures and talked about her experience in numerous YouTube videos and TV shows.  

Upcoming Influencers

Jäzlyn Westbrook (

ID Hospital is expecting more popular influencers in near future. For example, a stunning transgender model Jäzlynn Westbrook is coming to Korea all way from the US for her full facial feminization surgery. She is planning to get V line surgery, forehead reduction, eyebrow bone reduction, full facial fat graft, V3 lifting and rhinoplasty. She will also film a YouTube video of her plastic surgery journey and transformation.   

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