Wellness Expert, Felecia Froe, M.D., is Releasing Her New Book Well-being Matters for Women

Well-being Matters for Women – How to create wealth that outlives you by bestselling author Felecia Froe, M.D. will be released in October, and the author is committed to improving retirement outcomes for women.
Wellness Expert, Felecia Froe, M.D., is Releasing Her New Book Well-being Matters for Women

In her latest release Well-being Matters for Women, Dr. Froe shares with women why it is important for them to get positioned financially so they do not outlive their money. October is National Retirement Security Month and Dr. Froe wants women to be more secure.  Well-being Matters explains how passive income allows women to have options; to not be at the mercy of a job, a man or unforeseen challenges that may arise — such as sickness, divorce, or natural disaster.

According to latest figures, 51% of women are reported to have less than $500 in savings. The “Bag Lady Syndrome,” the thought of being homeless and penniless, ranks as one of the biggest money fears for women, even amongst high earners.  Dr. Froe’s book allays fears by providing an investment approach that is profitable and meaningful: Social Impact Real Estate Investing.

During a recent interview, Dr. Froe shared her thoughts on the book: “My hope is that this book will open women’s eyes and give them the courage and the vehicle to start investing in themselves.”

The book is a short read and discusses challenges women face, the reasons why they face them, and offers investment ideas to empower women to secure their future.

Wellbeing Matters for Women helps women take control over their lives.  By 2020, women are expected to control $72 trillion or 32% of all wealth globally. This is partly because women are outliving men1. The wealth transfer to women is gradually increasing, and personal wealth management assumes even greater importance. “With a strong financial portfolio, women can feel more in control of their life decisions,” says Dr. Froe. The book provides guidance for learning real estate investing and the generation of passive income.

Ultimately, Wellbeing Matters for Women – How to create wealth that outlives you shows women how to LIVE (Learn, Invest, Value their Time, Enjoy Life), and who better to help women achieve this than a physician who is also a real estate investor.

For more information on Felecia Froe, MD, visit www.wealthandwellbeingforwomen.com.


Felecia Froe, MD, is a licensed board-certified urologic surgeon and graduate of the University of Missouri. A respected physician, with over 25 years in the medical field, Dr. Froe is also a successful real estate investor and syndicator with over $100 million under management with her colleagues. Dr. Froe is the founder of 18 Seconds for Health, a wellness initiative that helps patients ask their doctors better questions. She is launching a new initiative for women called Wellbeing Matters, which emphasizes the importance of both wealth and health for total well-being.  Dr. Fore is an author with several #1 Amazon bestsellers including Wealth for Women: Conversations With the Team That Creates the Dream, The Top Female Professionals Who Can Help You Get Wealthy in Real Estate and Life Defining Moments from Bold Thought Leaders.

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