Science Suggests Electric Bikes Can Help Boost Cognitive Function and Mental Health

A recent study looked at examining the impact of electric bikes in the real world among a group of adults with ages ranging from 55 to 88.

E-bikes have been growing in popularity across all major cities of the world. However only recently researchers have asked themselves the question of whether the advantages of these go beyond than simply being fun and practical. And the answer suggested yes.

A recent study looked at examining the impact of electric bikes in the real world among a group of adults with ages ranging from 55 to 88. Participants were asked to cycle for half an hour three times per week over the course of two months during which their mental abilities, mental health and overall wellbeing were monitored.

Incredibly positive results in older adults

The study found that after just eight weeks, the group who e-cycled performed significantly better in the test evaluating their mental function. This was measured through a widely known test called the ‘Stroop test’ which involves having the name of a colour printed on a different colour card and asking participants to correctly identify the latter. The goal of this is to assess how accurately distractions can be minimized.

Secondly, the study also revealed that people spent more time e-cycling than using traditional bikes and registered a substantial improvement in wellbeing and mental health.

A company dedicated to bringing these benefits to Canadians

As one of the major suppliers of electric scooters and e-bikes across Ontario, Epic Cycles welcomes these findings. With store locations in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Montreal, the company is deeply committed to making Canadians more aware of these findings.

A spokesperson recently commented on the results of the study, “E-bikes have shown to have an immense potential in reengaging older adults in an activity that is pleasurable and equally beneficial to overall health. Especially if we take into consideration that by 2041, 25% of Ontario’s population will be 65 years or older, almost double from 2016. These changing demographics will bring both challenges and opportunities, and findings such as the ones from this study are telling us there is something here that needs to be explored further and taken advantage of, especially with e-bikes being so accessible and affordable. It’s a game changer.”

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