Shipping Company in Canada Solves Logistics Headaches

The logistics of moving freight around the country or internationally can require some serious negotiation with various companies to secure the best rate. Besides the rate, the person given the task must ensure that the company actually can handle the consignment. Some companies don’t handle hazardous goods, others won’t do household goods, some won’t do cross-border and others say they do everything, then once they have a commitment from the client quickly try to find a shipping company that will do the job and outsource to a third party they probably have never dealt with before.

Sometimes specialized requirements are needed like refrigerated trucks, a flatbed trailer, warehousing and perhaps a part load rather than a full load. Finding a company that does the route requested, plus specialist requirements can take a company employee hours, and sometimes days to organize as many shipping companies specialize in only one sector of the transport industry – be it container shipping, road transport, house removals, air freight, or other niches. This leaves a potential client wondering exactly who they need to contact. Imagine being tasked with finding a company that will move 38 hives of honey bees 200 miles, at night (because they are less likely to sting then) and load and off load them safely; and it needs to be done within two days because the oranges trees are in bloom and the bees need to start producing orange blossom honey to fulfil an order.

One shipping company in Canada that has solved their clients’ logistics nightmares is Ontario Container Transport (OCT) with a range of comprehensive services and a serious commitment to customer service. Whether a client requires local deliveries, warehouse solutions, container freight shipping, trucking freight services, full truck loads or part truck load, flatbed, steep-deck, ocean freight, intermodal, airfreight, or simply household goods moved from one town to another – or across the world, OCT can handle it. OCT also handles supply chain management allowing a client to track budgets and supplies, with benchmarks and measurement tools in place to track goals with the suppliers and sort out any small glitches in the supply chain before they become bigger problems. A spokesperson for OCT said, “Our shipping company in Canada has specialists that work with our clients right from the planning stage through to final delivery – keeping them updated every step of the way.”

When a transport company works with an established trusted network of other transporters instead of just one supplier who may have a fixed schedule and routes, it takes the load off a client’s shoulders as it is easier to get the wheels rolling after just one call or email specifying exactly what is needed. The various experts in their fields then get to work and put together a plan for the client’s needs. They know what each supplier they have worked with, often for many years, is able to provide and can customize loads, routes, times, warehousing and various other aspects of moving goods from one point to another globally, according to the client’s specifications.

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