Why Licensed Electricians are the Safest Option for Electrical Repairs and Upgrades

Electricity is a form of power that most people around the world rely on and now take for granted. Powering homes, businesses and vehicles, and proving invaluable for heating, lighting, cooking and the running of various appliances, means electricity is central to everyday lives. However, as with most forms of power, there are safety risks if electrical systems are not properly maintained.

This is especially true of older equipment, which in many cases no longer meets modern safety requirements. This can lead to electrical fires, commonly caused by faulty wiring in properties that are over 20 years old, which often lack the suitable wiring to handle the present day’s heavy consumption of electricity. Increased levels of gaming, computing and other demand from new devices make significant demand of electrical systems, while frayed or misplaced cords, which can transfer heat to ignitable materials such as curtains, rugs and carpets, are a further safety risk of outdated equipment.

CSG Electric is a licensed electrician in Toronto, which says much of its regular work is related to older properties and their inadequate wiring. They say that many properties are built with fuse panels to control their electrical systems, rather than the safer and more beneficial breaker box. Breaker boxes are the modern method of regulating a building’s electrical supply and are proven to be more energy efficient, also removing the need to repeatedly change fuses – which considerably reduces the chances of an electrical fire.

Other age-related problems the team at CSG Electric deal with stem from the use of aluminium wiring in older houses. While not strictly unsafe, many home insurance companies are known to be reticent to provide cover to homes that have this type of wiring. Problems with aluminium wiring become obvious if lights start flickering, there is a burning plastic smell from switches, or sparks and smoke start to come out of power outlets. CSG Electric can provide work in repairing such problems, but can upgrade faulty, outdated equipment to prevent ongoing issues from developing.

The team also carries out safety inspections on residential and business properties to ensure compliance with modern standards. They have the licensed professionals required to carry this out safely, which is vital owing to the fact that standard property surveys are not designed to pick up complex electrical issues. As part of their service to businesses, CSG Electric carry out specialist installations of backup generators, electrical transformers and disconnect switches, as well as provide assistance with maintaining voltage substations.

CSG Electric also hosts an electrical shop on its website, selling products such as commercial outlet boxes, LED spotlights and wiring components. All products are provided to help fix common electrical problems and have been tested and approved by the licensed electricians in the CSG Electric team – and they are available to speak to if assistance is required in selecting the most appropriate products.

About CSG Electric

Based in Toronto, CSG Electric is a specialist team of residential and commercial electricians that carries out a range of repairs, upgrades and installations in residential and commercial properties. They can also carry out inspections of commercial buildings to ensure they meet official safety standards. CSG Electric is open to small and large jobs and also has an online shop with electrical products including wiring devices, LED lights and smoke alarms.  

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