Sandberg Financial wins the Pan Pacific Performance Award (3PA)

Sandberg Financial wins the Pan Pacific Performance Award (3PA)

With many financial firms globally, all striving to be the leader in their industry, the winning of certain awards can really give an edge to a company. The Pan Pacific Performance Award has been handing out the prestigious award since 2009. It was created through a joint venture between the larger financial institutions together with the financial regulators who had responsibility for overseeing the operating practices of companies working within the pan-Pacific region.

With Sandberg Financial now on the list of the winners of the award, they have seen an influx of new clients and investors and have embraced the new level of success. We spoke with one of the more senior team members, Mr. Jonathan Reid:

Mr. Reid Said:

“With brighter lights now on our company, we feel more driven and focused on continuing to show our clients and investors, that we can thrive year after year and repeatedly show outstanding results and returns for them.

“We feel very privileged to have won this award and it has inspired us further to aim even higher than before and build on the success we have already achieved. We look forward to what the future holds.”

Sandberg Financial has had an excellent reputation and track record over the last few years and we hope to see them thrive further and be on the receiving end of even more awards in the near future. As the world becomes more aware of how beneficial investing and finance managing can be, we all need great companies like Sandberg Financial to turn to.

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