Multiplexed Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction using Cell-Free DNA for Cancer Therapy Monitoring

Measurements of Retro-transposable Elements in Cancer Patient Plasma potentially has the Ability to Monitor Cancer Therapy Response in Near Real-time!

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – October 24, 2019 – Cadex Genomics, developers of a real-time cancer therapy monitoring diagnostic, Alibrex, today announced a report published in Surgery, the official journal of the Society of University Surgeons, Central Surgical Association and the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons published by Elsevier, that describes how a liquid biopsy test used in cancer diagnostics that measures the quantity of cell-free DNA in plasma from colorectal cancer patients may serve as a therapy monitoring tool. The technique can assess several important indicators for optimal late-stage cancer patient treatment.

A team of scientists and physicians used multiplexed real-time polymerase chain reaction based on multicopy retro-transposable elements (targeting 80 base pair and 265 base pair sequences and an internal-positive-control) to evaluate the ability of cell-free DNA concentration and DNA Integrity Index to discriminate patients with cancer from healthy patients. A cohort of 40 healthy controls and 39 patients with stage IV colorectal cancer had their plasma interrogated. The potency of each biomarker was measured by using receiver operating characteristic curves and derived area under the curve measures.

Significant differences in cell-free DNA concentration and DNA integrity index were observed between healthy controls and patients with stage IV cancer  with a limit of detection

“This study was based on methods used successfully for decades in the forensics genetic field and confirms that our technology has a significant, analytically sensitive, level of detection and a highly significant AUC for colorectal cancer,” said Dr. Sudhir Sinha, Chief Science Officer at Cadex Genomics. “Our long-term goal for the Alibrex assay is to provide late-stage cancer patients and their physicians with a near-real-time indicator that a therapy is not effective.”

The assay demonstrated high predictive capabilities in discriminating a group of 39 patients with stage IV cancer from 40 healthy control patients with cfDNA concentration and DNA integrity index (DII-265/80) values. Potential applications include treatment monitoring for colorectal cancer (CRC) stage IV patients and as a prognostic tool to help predict CRC patient therapy outcomes.

Notes for Editors

The article is titled “Multiplexed real-time polymerase chain reaction cell-free DNA assay as a potential method to monitor stage IV colorectal cancer” by Sudhir Sinha, PhD, Hiromi Brown, PhD, Jonathan Tabak, BA, Zhide Fang, PhD, Mathilde Couetoux du Tertre, PhD, Susan McNamara, PhD, Karen Gambaro, PhD, Gerald Batist, MD, and Joseph F. Buell, MD, MBA, FACS.

The DOI for the article: The article was published in Surgery, October 2019, Volume 166, Pages 534-539.

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Alibrex is a patented technology that detects, with great analytical precision, retrotransposon elements found on all 23 chromosomes. Alibrex enables testing with most tumor and therapy types. Alibrex will be commercially available in 2020. Cadex Genomics is a privately held molecular diagnostic assay company based in Redwood City, California that is improving cancer patient outcomes by providing physicians with better diagnostic tools to guide treatment.

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