Keelin Clark Debuts “Lady Liberty” Quality Video Series For Parents To Reduce Screen Time Stress For Children And Allow Families To Reconnect, Communicate, Have Fun

Keelin Clark Debuts “Lady Liberty” Quality Video Series For Parents To Reduce Screen Time Stress For Children And Allow Families To Reconnect, Communicate, Have Fun

San Diego – Just in time to celebrate the Statue of Liberty’s 133rd dedication birthday this October 28th,  2019, Keelin Clark announces the debut of her Adventures with #LL21c video series. Hosted by a re-imagined Lady Liberty, (in the form of a non-violent super hero), the series is designed to “liberate” and foster a “new birth of freedom” among growing numbers of stressed out families in America, worn down by the explosion in violent media coverage, movies, and video games, that has resulted in a “coarsening of today’s culture.”

Keelin’s family-friendly alternative video series is designed to push back against the increasing and overwhelming number of negative messages, images, and influences in today’s culture by creating a substitute form of family-friendly “edutainment.” The series specifically aims to fosters greater connectivity between parents and children, decrease the amount of stress, and teach clever new ways and activities through which families can re-connect and experience real togetherness.

Just as Muppet’s creator Jim Henson dreamed of re-connecting families in front of their television sets to replicate the many joyful memories he experienced while growing up listening to the radio with his family, noted artist, life-coach and serial entrepreneur Keelin Clark has set out to replicate the same family-friendly connective experience through her video series.

Repeatedly observing how stressed out her family, friends, and clients have become through the pervasiveness of “entertainment” that has increasingly showcased acts of racial, cultural, gender, and political intolerance, Keelin aspired to push back against the current deteriorating tide to develop inspired content that could restore television and video’s traditional roles as anchoring oasis’s within each American family’s home.

“After conducting research and having many heartfelt conversations with parents, I decided to tap into my inner child to find a refreshing alternative to today’s animated and often violent offerings,” Keelin notes. “As a child of the 80’s, I remember the great effect PBS and Children’s Workshop programming had on my positive personal development, in addition to public schooling. I loved coming home from school, ready to watch my favorite shows, like The Muppets, Mr. Rodgers and Reading Rainbow. Afterward, when my family watched and enjoyed these shows right alongside me, I felt even more connected to them.  Sadly, I feel this type of strong interpersonal connectedness that was created is increasingly missing and much needed today.”

The show’s hero, Lady Liberty21c, serves as the focal point to connect America’s past along with its many inspirational, ennobling and nostalgic lessons with the present to create a more stable, sustainable, and desirable future. Through the magic of ever-evolving communication channels, Keelin’s goal is to bring more people together, of all ages, across America and throughout the world.

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Keelin Clark is CEO of Liberty Empowerment, a life coaching personal development and empowerment firm, which produces Adventures with Lady Liberty21c.  She is powerfully committed to igniting and enlightening hearts and imaginations for the benefit of kids and parents who are “kids at heart” worldwide.

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