Security Services in Toronto Leverage Military and Anti-terrorist Expertise

With terrorist attacks taking place virtually daily around the globe, security services that utilize the specialised knowledge and techniques of anti-terrorism specialists and military professionals to keep ordinary citizens safe have the edge over conventional security companies. Personnel with experience in sophisticated systems and software used in the military are ahead of the average security services company. From  apartment blocks, to shopping malls, industrial complexes and every business in between, the owners, tenants, residents and visitors feel safer knowing that specialists trained in situational awareness, profiling, biometrics, video analytics and access control, as well as various other measures to identify and stop security threats, are looking after their interests and lives.

But this is not where it ends – every pair of eyes needs to be useful and some security services add value to companies and organizations by providing them with security training programs. Employees are trained to take note of entrances, exits, possible threats, items and people that seem out of place, and a whole host of other techniques for heightening awareness.

Security services companies will also conduct risk assessments, and many companies employing them are somewhat shocked at what is pointed out to them at the feedback sessions after the risk assessment has taken place. There are other specialized consulting services that can be customized to a client’s needs including protection against cyber attacks, and drone attacks amongst others. These services are in addition to traditional security services like armed guards, armed transportation, event, VIP, corporate, concierge and institutional security as well as neighbourhood protection and mobile patrol units.

Security is not so much about strong arm tactics – it is more about identifying possible threats and making sure people are safe before it comes to violence; making sure the person with a bomb vest strapped to them or an out of control crazy with a firearm never even gets close to the target. Adaptability is a sought-after trait in security personnel as they need to respond quickly to changing needs or situations that escalate, and will need to take charge in crisis situations, commanding authority, while maintaining the correct protocols to ensure safety.

Personnel used to the rigors of anti-terrorist and military operations realise how important it is to stay up to date with technology and information – be it in a war zone or protecting the interests of a corporation, so they are motivated to keep training and keep learning to stay not just one step ahead of the enemy but streets ahead, to out think and out manoeuvre people planning possible attacks.

Northern Force Security is a Toronto based company providing security services for the 21st century. Founded by former military and anti-terrorism professionals the company leverages the skills obtained in real situations to protect clients and their assets. A spokesperson for Northern Force Security said, “Besides the unique set of skill we possess we are committed to sourcing the very latest in anti-terrorism and security technology, and  we are continually adapting and implementing the latest measures to keep our clients and their interests safe.”

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