Size Does Matter: Grow Your Business, Thinking Big by Author Rony Pawar

Rony Pawar creates a guide to understanding all the foundational pieces necessary to start and build your business. The most important aspects of this book, Size Does Matter: Grow Your Business, Thinking Big is how much Rony focuses on leadership and team building as a critical part of creating phenomenal growth for your business.

“I am excited to work with individuals who are starting a business or working to grow one. They are not just in this for the money, they want to live an amazing life and do what they dream. I want you to wake up every day to do something that you enjoy and feel passionate about,” said Rony Pawar, the author of Size Does Matter: Grow Your Business, Thinking Big.

Rony is a global citizen, having lived and worked on three different continents. He is also an author, entrepreneur, and business consultant. During his time in New Zealand, Rony earned his MBA in International Business, learning the concepts that apply to businesses regardless of where you choose to set it up. He was inspired to write this book after working as a growth strategy advisor to small and medium businesses (SMEs) with the Ontario Provincial Services in Canada.

No matter what the size of your business, you need to be focused on creating and sustaining growth. Right from the beginning, Rony talks about how your leadership is critical to the growth of your business. Throughout Size Does Matter, Rony lays out all the foundational aspects necessary for growth, giving you various tasks to help you evaluate the health of your company. If your business just started or you have been building it for years, the tools and principles throughout Size Does Matter can give you the boost to Grow Your Business, Thinking Big!

“I want business owners to know that it is possible to follow a strategic plan and grow your business. There are resources out there to tap that can help you maximize your capital, allowing you to get the most from every dollar of your budget,” said Rony.

Another aspect of Size Does Matter is how the principles can impact your small business, helping you to maximize every resource available. Rony’s work with various businesses allowed him to assist them in finding resources within their community to help them grow without going into debt. He even gives you tips to assist you in managing the overhead of your business, from those daily expenses to the costs associated with various growth initiatives.

Learn to make adjustments to reduce costs by reviewing what is working now and potential paths of growth that can be found to take your company in new and exciting directions through this engrossing read that targets areas where businesses lose funds and opportunities to grow. The best part of Size Does Matter is the type of support that it provides business owners, while clarifying what might be grey areas in their knowledge of how to grow their company.

With all the key insights of this business guide, you can build a business that is poised to grow at all stages of its life. Get excited as you get the knowledge to grow every aspect of your company with Size Does Matter!

Today, Rony lives in Canada and offers his consulting and mentoring services to small and medium sized businesses throughout the country.

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