Winter Weather Conditions can Present Unique Concerns for the Condition of Roofs

Winter Weather Conditions can Present Unique Concerns for the Condition of Roofs

Winter weather can be gorgeous, but it can lead to roof damage to homes. Homeowners should make sure they know what to do to minimize the chance of damage to their roof and to ensure their roof is kept in great condition throughout the winter. This can help them avoid needing to have it repaired or replaced.

Do Regular Inspections Inside

Regular inspections should be done inside to check for signs of water damage. Homeowners should look at their ceilings for dark spots, as this can indicate that water is getting inside the home. They also keep an eye out for bubbling paint on the ceiling or damp spots near structures that go through the roof. Any signs of damage means you should call the roofing company quickly.

Check for Issues From Outside

There may be issues that the homeowner can spot from outside, like missing or damaged shingles. Homeowners should also look for moss or algae growing on the roof, curling shingles, or cupping on the roof. If they notice any issues like these, they can go to to find a reputable company that can help.

Make Sure All Structures are Sound

Any structures that come through the roof like a chimney or a skylight should be properly sealed so water can’t get into the home. Homeowners should check around these structures for any signs of damage or leaks. If they do not want to climb on the roof to check, a company like Lichfield Waterproofing can perform the inspection for them.

Clean the Gutters

Gutters should be kept clean so they can work properly and move water away from the roof and the home’s foundation. If the gutters are clogged, water can pool close to the roof and cause damage. A homeowner should visit a website like to learn what to do if clogged gutters have caused water damage to their home.

Trim Branches Close to the Roof

If a tree is too close to the home, it’s possible that the branches could start to hang over the roof. This can cause more leaves to get into the gutter and, if the branch breaks during the winter weather, could damage the roof. Homeowners should keep any trees near the home pruned to prevent overhangs and potential damage during a winter storm.

Winter weather can be damaging to a roof, but proper protection, regular inspections, and fast repair when damage is noticed can help homeowners reduce the amount of time they’ll need to spend if something does happen. If you’re worried about the condition of your roof or you’d like to make sure any issues are repaired before the winter weather sets in, contact a professional roofing company for help today.

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