Dana Garnett, Mediator, Reveals How To Avoid the High Cost of Conflict, on Inspired Living TV

Mediator, Dana Garnett, was the featured guest on Inspired Living TV with host Kerri Murphy and discussed conflict strategy in business.
Dana Garnett, Mediator, Reveals How To Avoid the High Cost of Conflict, on Inspired Living TV

On a recent episode of Inspired Living TV with Keri Murphy, Dana Garnett, Mediator and CPA explained how small businesses can resolve conflict and prevent negative long term consequences.  Her goal is to get companies to a happier and safer place. She specializes in conflict strategy, so she can come into businesses and shed new light and opportunity on even the deepest divides. 

Dana was impassioned to this place 5 years ago from her own personal crisis. Two weeks after celebrating 20 years of marriage, her husband Skyped her to say he met his soulmate and wanted a divorce. Dana and her ex-husband blew through over $270,000 on the divorce, basically going through their daughters’ college funds.

But according to Garnett the good news is that it only takes one person getting aligned and shifting to prevent the problem. This one person can take even serious complex problems that have been going for 20 years years and shift the whole situation and the entire dynamic.

Garnett said, “Conflict is inevitable. It’s gonna happen. And avoidance of conflict is incredibly unhealthy, but it’s what most of us do. So you want to implement and establish a system, a conflict management system in your company or your organization to train and support and coach your associates in social emotional intelligence skills so that you can prevent unnecessary conflict from escalating or avoid unnecessary conflict.”

She explained that businesses have accounting systems, HR systems, and sales systems.  But rarely do business have a predeveloped conflict management system.

“It’s rare. At the end of the day, having a conflict management system in place is so critical and the significant benefits you gain as a company when you learn how to deal with each other in real time and be able to nip in the bud something that could have escalated and wasted so much time and energy,” explained Garnett.

For anyone thinking about forming a business, Garnett suggests what she calls a partnership agreement. This would cover what happens in the event that the partners decide not to work with each other, bring in a new partner, selling shares, etc.   

Garnett said, “So, when should you do it? Now.”

The interview concluded with Garnet saying, “Visit MindfulStrategy.com to find my quiz that will take you through the seven essential questions you need the answers to, to know exactly where you are on the Emo Storm Risk Index. The more we can be mindful of what is around the possibilities, the more we can prepare for something different.”

Listen to Dana Garnett’s full interview on Inspired Living. To learn more about Dana Garnett, please visit MindfulStrategy.com/.

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