Zheng Xiaoling independently developed a Chinese medicine mask from scratch and won the “Young Entrepreneur”

Recently, Zheng Xiaoling, a young talent from XXX City, was awarded the municipal title of “Young Entrepreneur”, leading a new wave of entrepreneurship!

Zheng Xiaoling’s entrepreneurial experience is not smooth. After graduating from junior high school, she went out to work. At the age of 22, she started from scratch. When she first started doing business, she only had pots and pans at home. She began to develop Xiyan Chinese medicine masks with pots and spoons at home. The Chinese medicine mask developed by her not only has no side effects on the skin, but also delays aging, prevents wrinkles, and eliminates wrinkles, so it is favored by consumers. As a founder, her business also gradually developed from the original tens of square meters of workshops to the current three companies, and she also won the title of local young entrepreneurs.

She was born in an ordinary family and went out to work after graduating from junior high school. She has experienced many difficulties in this work, so she should cherish every penny she earns than anyone else. At the age of 22, she was in the golden age of her endeavor. She is no longer willing to bargin the price of 50 cents for half a day with the hawker. She is no longer willing to walk to work to save 1 yuan bus fee. She is no longer willing to eat instant noodles every day to save 2 yuan.

Entrepreneurship requires not only passion but also bold courage and extraordinary guts and insights. With an extraordinary vision, Zheng Xiaoling took the business opportunity of the Chinese medicine mask preparation, and used her extraordinary guts and insights to purchase recipe with her accumulated savings. Like all entrepreneurs, she is not only mentally unable to get support from her family and friends, but more importantly, she is short of funds. She is a completely beginner. She can only use the pots and pans at home. She looked around and didn’t even get the support of a close friend.

In the face of other people’s cynicism, she was not discouraged and did not give up. She chose to roll up her sleeves and work hard under pressure. She did this not only to let those who laughed at her regret, but also to make her tomorrow better.

It seems that God will never let any hardworking person down. What Zheng Xiaoling did not expect was that her traditional Chinese medicine facial mask was favored by the vast number of consumers as soon as it was produced. Xiyan Traditional Chinese Medicine Mask is sweeping across the country at an extremely fast speed.  More than one million people are using Xiyan traditional Chinese medicine facial mask.  Moreover, Xiyan Traditional Chinese Medicine Mask has now developed into an innovative company integrating beauty service, business information consultation, skin care product production, sales, training and recipe output.

“At the time, although my mask sold very well, after all, I just started, the sales channels are very limited. Many people don’t know this new mask. How to let more people know about this mask? How to increase sales channels at low cost? “This incident has plagued her for a long time.

Now, as long as people open the webpage to search for Xiyan Chinese medicine mask, there will be a lot of Xiyan Chinese medicine mask franchisees, including LA COYA botanical cosmetics from Germany. Soon Zheng Xiaoling established the first, second and third companies, from an 18 square meter workshop to today’s 1800 square meter office. It can be said that her achievements are beyond the reach of many people.

Both business and individual must be heroes of the times. When the situation is good, everyone has the opportunity to become a hero. Only when he or she becomes a hero can he or she adapt and change the status quo. Zheng Xiaoling is a hero of the times. When she started her business, WeChat salesmen have sprung up and grew up in large numbers. Just as she was uncomfortable with the sales channel, she discovered a new trend in WeChat salesmen, and she quickly seized the trend and successfully expanded her sales channels at zero cost.

As a destitute beginner, from the time she started her business from scratch, she grasped the current situation and made her own Xiyan Traditional Chinese Medicine Mask. She not only became the founder of the three companies, but also was awarded the title of local young entrepreneur.  “For truly great men, look to this age alone,” Zheng Xiaoling told us that the old-fashioned ideas of the past are no longer suitable for the present, and a basin and a spoon can make a successful start.

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