Introducing A-Medicare: a Universal Healthcare System That Creates Affordable Healthcare Using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, & Blockchain Technology

The free database would allow users to gain credits to pay for some or all of their healthcare.


Las Vegas, NV – Mr. Enzo Zelocchi is pleased to announce his revolutionary new concept, A-Medicare, designed to provide affordable, low cost healthcare and programs.  On a mission to decrease the cost of healthcare for both citizens and the federal government, A-Medicare would provide a database that uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology.

According to Mr. Zelocchi, the system will still allow insurance companies to profit, and the government will not be forced into the position of having to raise taxes:

“I wanted to develop a unified platform to offer universal healthcare and related services, which will also allow for savings, and to create convenience and ease in the healthcare industry. I believe A-Medicare will revolutionize the entire health care system by fostering affordable health care for all.”

Mr. Zelocchi adds that with A-Medicare, citizens will be able to handle their healthcare bills promptly, access a variety of healthcare platforms using a single database, and share health information and records with doctors and hospitals anywhere in the world.

“Having the ability to compare pricing for services, medications and treatments in advance will generate profound competition within the entire healthcare system,” Zelocchi explains. “This will result in lower prices and better services… and it’s all free to the consumer!”

Recognizing that healthcare in the U.S. and across the world has never more been in need of a universal, disruptive shift for the better, Zelocchi believes that this is the worst long-term fiscal crisis facing the nation and it demands a solution.

Problems with the current system include:

  • The relentless, decades-long rise in the cost of healthcare has left over 137 million Americans struggling to pay their medical bills.
  • Many people are struggling to pay their medical bills and have accumulated medical debt over time. In fact, 41 percent of working-age Americans — or 72 million people — have medical bill problems or are paying off medical debt.
  • Healthcare costs are far higher in the United States than in any other advanced nation.
  • Medical expenses push millions of Americans below the federal poverty line, with little doubt that poverty is inextricably linked to health problems.

“People need an efficient and affordable medical system,” says Zelocchi. “The use of machine learning in a fully integrated data source is an excellent step towards the success of this blockchain solution. The whole solution is based on the creation of a unified healthcare system. It provides a better way in which interested parties can access valid data to help in healthcare service provision. This is only possible when computer science, medical research, big data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence are merged in a streamlined manner to enhance positivity in patients’ outcomes.”

A-Medicare provides numerous competitive advantages:

  • The system creates a path for Universal Healthcare, and lowers the cost for every citizen, the government, and healthcare companies by means of artificial intelligence.
  • Machine learning allows for the ability to provide alerts in advance in the event of anomalies.
  • Blockchain technology includes the capability to connect the right organ donor with recipients nationally and worldwide and track/protect organ transportation.
  • It provides an international universal database for every citizen where they can also get consultations from doctors worldwide.
  • Includes a strategic panel system for every citizen (locked with an assigned ID and Social Security number). In the panel each user will be able to watch ads that will help them to pay their health care premiums (with a value of about $350 each month).
  • A strategic advertising system and insider collaboration between corporations and the U.S. Government will help to effectively reduce health care costs in a short/medium timeframe and will help citizens get proper health care coverage. The U.S. government will be able to collect the money from the ads from A-Medicare (minus 20% of the revenues) that people have watched.
  • Transactions between the government and users are coin-based (USD at first). As a result, potential advertisers can transact coins while users will gain credits through coins after viewing.
  • The platform and blockchain technology will be synchronized with the universal database for people to access any medical data remotely from any country.

“Everyone needs healthcare,” concludes Zelocchi.  “Let us be the one to bring it to you in an easy affordable fashion. One idea can change everything… Great things have small beginnings… and we are ready to advance A-Medicare to the next level with passion and the perseverance it will take to get the job done!”

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