Chicago Property Report’s Unrivaled Water Certification and Water Lien Release Services – Facilitating Chicago’s Water Matters for Real Estate

A brief guide to Chicago Water Certification and Chicago Lien Release.

Chicago, IL – October 29, 2019 – Chicago Property Report is a real estate product producing company with a vision to provide relevant and straightforward products concerning a property. Their products are readily available for the public to purchase as applications to property needs. With their trade, Chicago Property Report offers Chicago Water Certification and Chicago Lien Release services.

Chicago Water Certification needs are a service Chicago Property Report provides – the certification is a Full Payment Certificate (FPC) that is issued by the Department of Finance. It’s noteworthy that the FPC certificate is required by the City of Chicago Water Certification before they release the City of Chicago transfer stamps. The purpose of the certificate is for verification – if the utilities are paid current before any real estate transfer. It’s also important to keep in mind that without the Chicago municipal transfer stamps, the Cook County Recorder won’t record the real estate transfer.

Chicago Water Certification (FPC) is also necessary for exempt transfers. Failure to obtain Chicago Water Certification will result in penalties for both the transferor and the transferee. Chicago Property Report takes care that such unwanted circumstances don’t crop up by providing the Chicago Water Certification for their respected clients.

The Chicago Property Report also handles its clients’ Chicago Water Lien Release requirements. In an encapsulation, when a water or sewer bill get into delinquency, it becomes a lien in the real estate to which the water supply is applied to – the same is true even if the water or sewer service charge is caused by tenants with the notice of lien having the probability of being filed in the recorder’s office – the whole ball of wax process is elaborate and is simplified by Chicago Property Report. Chicago Water Lien Release’s release to clients involves a straightforward means whereby the original lien release is mailed to the clients in a PDF copy form with an application of additional charge if the release is to be recorded by the Chicago Property Report. From there, clients are needed to go to the Water Department to obtain the lien release.

Chicago Property Report has made it very easy for their clients to manage their legal water supply matters – they do it for a minimal fee. They take out the complexity in the City of Chicago’s and municipality formalities for property and real estate owners. The company is committed to supporting real estate by its supreme quality property products and services.

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Chicago Property Report is a collection of real estate products under a larger umbrella. Their vision is to provide genuine and straightforward property products accessible to the general public.

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