The world trades virtual aquarium fish, ‘Ocean Friends Dapp’ about to release next month

The world trades virtual aquarium fish, ‘Ocean Friends Dapp’ about to release next month

A wide range of Dapps (Decentralized Application) have been launched through Key Store as SAMSUNG had recently opened SDK (Software Development Kit) to public, which provides all functions needed for Blockchain applications. Accordingly, the prospect and vision of Dapp is gradually growing in the spotlight and obtaining more interests.

Dapp means a decentralized application based on Blockchain platform, representing Ethereum platform garners over 80% in the market. As to CryptoKitties which was held in high regard as a Dapp based on Ethereum, it has become a hot issue that a digital cat was sold at 600 Ethereum ($170,000 of market price at that time).

The fact that ZENIS INC. will be launching an Ethereum based Dapp, Ocean Friends following month has been arousing people’s curiosity.

With the mobile wallpaper of underwater concept, Ocean Friends allows people to raise, feed and cross various kinds of aquarium fish, and to bring up the young. The bred fish can be traded through Ethereum, and it serves as a cryptocurrency market in the Dapp.

They provide any trade in P2P type to interchange Ethereum and each item in the market and all items required to keep the aquarium fish in Ocean Friends are exchangeable for ‘Ethereum’ or ‘GLC’. The minimum amount of GLC from the tutorial will be offered for free and GLC is found to be distributed for $1 in Dapp, an official says.

Seungwoo Kim, the CEO of ZENIS INC. which has developed and manage Ocean Friends, urged to use a verified company, saying “Most cryptocurrency is traded mainly in centralized market, which may cause structural problem such as fraud, hacking or misappropriation”. On the other hand, since Ocean Friends uses a method of individual wallet trading, which guarantees members’ assets and security and all records such as order, deposit, transaction, withdrawal, refund and cancellation of withdrawal are unable to be forged or falsified, or to be false as they are stored in Ethereum Blockchain.

Although Dapp is still unfamiliar, we will see whether Ocean Friends with aquarium fish raised in app and exchangeable for cryptocurrency will be able to invigorate Dapp.

Ocean Friends is currently in the process of releasing and expect that Green Turtle, the highest value in Dapp, would be traded for maximum 500 Ethereum.

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