Bestselling Book: “People v Money” Is the Biggest Expose on the Judicial System of the Current Generation

Tampa, FL, USA – Mark P. Stopa has released his new book, PEOPLE v MONEY: Big Business, Judicial Corruption, and You. The trailblazing, exclusive new book provides a shocking and explicit account of corruption and manipulation at the highest levels of Florida government, while also making readers aware of their rights and their power to help create a better world. Owing to his unique reputation in the Florida community and his helping the common ranking American citizen, Stopa’s new book is already being dubbed by readers as the “biggest exposé on the judicial system”.

Best known as one of America’s busiest consumer advocates, Mark’s past work was praised by the likes of NBC Nightly News, The New York Times, USA Today and more. Through his relentless efforts during the Great Recession, Mark raised his voice for thousands of Florida homeowners who would have otherwise fallen victim to financial ruin. Having played his part in helping to prevent the largest transfer of wealth in modern U.S. history, his new book is bold, brazen and scrupulously honest.

The bestselling book PEOPLE v MONEY provides an eye-opening look at extreme amounts of corruption within every step of the Florida judicial system. With his new book, Stopa wants readers to become aware of their value and how they are being manipulated by those in power. The manuscript reads like the plot of a Hollywood thriller because that is the magnitude of exploitation uncovered in this amazing read. From trial courts to the Florida Supreme Court, the Attorney General’s office, the Governor’s Mansion and more, Mark’s first-hand account leaves no stone unturned. He connects all the dots and provides insight on how a rigged economy is created by the wealthy 1% who control the remaining 99%.

Transitioning out of the legal arena, Stopa is continuing his fight against social and judicial injustice, hoping to create a better world for every American citizen. With his arguments, he has already created laws that have benefitted millions of Americans. Continuing to work for the greater good, Stopa’s new book is a testament to his mission for changing the system for the benefit of every American.

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