This Shopper Assistant App Shows the Exact Location a Product is Kept in a Store

This Shopper Assistant App Shows the Exact Location a Product is Kept in a Store

October 30, 2019 Visiting a grocery store will soon change forever. There will be no more hunting for where that special juice or organic product is kept, because the Super Shopper’s Store Assistant will actually reveal the exact place from where to pick it up!

Super Shopper’s Store Assistant is the creation of a team of programmers, and shows a price comparison of different products available at various stores. The Assistant goes beyond that, and actually shows where in a given store the item can be found. The Super Shopper app works on any product, in any store, anywhere in the world. 

Super Shopper Club has improved the lives of every shopper by providing them a hassle-free, time-saving shopping experience. With the use of GPS marker software, Super Shopper provides users step-by-step navigation via smartphones and tablets with GPS support. It suggests to you the shortest and fastest routes through the store to find your item.

The app also gathers most accurate and latest information from other shoppers that have shopped in that same store and choose to share the real-time data to other shoppersto save time and money for other shopper. Super Shopper is the ONLY In-Store GPS assisted application in the world.

No more back-tracking through aisles that you have already went down, or spending more on an item that you could have got cheaper at another store down the road. The consumer can ask the Super Shopper’s Store Assistant many different questions, and the assistant will help them with their shopping needs,” said a spokesperson for the app.

Using the Super Shopper’s Assistant is easy – type in the name of the product or what you are looking for. The app will show the stores with the best prices for that item, and then reveal WHERE in the store that item is kept. The user can also participate and share the prices of current items they have shopped.

For superstores, the Super Shopper Assistant offers a great alternative to conventional marketing. In Walmart alone, over 600,000 customers shop everyday. The app will update the whereabouts of thousands of items across all global stores, thus proving its utility. The app comes with a targeted Store location and product advertising program.

Store owners and multi-store marketers can advertise their products on the Super Shopper Club in two ways. The first is through Google Maps store location markers, where they can claim the business listing in the app and advertise the products. For example: If the shopper has peanut butter on their grocery list, you can send them a message that says there is $2.00 off on no-name peanut butter in Aisle 1.

The second way to advertise is through Product Special Pin Drop. Each store can drop a Product Special Pin IN THE STORE. These GPS location pin drops can show Flash sale specials and suggest other items that the shopper may want to buy. For example, when the shopper is walking down the breakfast aisle in a grocery store, and they approach the “Cereal Pin drop”, they will get a message on their phone that says, “Frosted Flakes” is on sale for $2.00 OFF today.”

With our advertising model, companies can start by spending as little as $5.00 a month to be on the Super Shopper app. Advertisers can save up to 80% to advertise their products with Super Shopper,” said the spokesperson.

Every retailer, large and small, is a potential customer of the app, as it is the first to offer in-store GPS product location services. The yearly revenues could, therefore, exceed $12.5 million. It’s not surprising why Google, Apple, and Amazon are starting to take notice of this startup company!

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