Introducing ‘Cut the Bullshit’ an Intriguing Expose of the Self-Help Industry

A book that cuts through all kinds of bullshit from BS of the mind to business bullshit and all of the bullshit that clutters our relationships

Santa Barbara, CA – Accomplished businessman and first time author Dick Long is pleased to announce the release of his self-published book  Cut the bullshit, now available for purchase on his website in paperback, eBook and Kindle edition formats.

The book is written on the premise that not only are people being lied to every day, they are fully aware that they are being lied to, but are consistently falling for those lies anyway.

“My goal is to show you how to cut through all the BS and see the fine print for what it really is,” says Long. “You are constantly being manipulated and deceived, especially by the so-called gurus of the self-help industry. They are making money off vulnerable people by selling what’s basically the same regurgitated idea over and over: think good thoughts and good things will happen.”

And according to the author, the sole purpose behind this idea is to make people feel even more insecure and unhappy with their lives so that they will come back to spend more money on what he describes as ‘snake oil.’

In his book, Long presents the dogmas, or clichés, of the self-help genre, then presents reasons as to why they are simply not true – or as he likes to term it, ‘bullshit.’  

“For instance, we’ve all heard the line ‘live in the moment’ a million times. bullshit! You have to plan and make strategic movements to get ahead in life and own up to your every decision. It takes 500 right turns to get from one city to another, and only one wrong turn can take you off course so you can hardly ever get back on track, let alone get there on time.”

Cut the bullshit is an eye-opener; humorous and entertaining yet full of substance and solid advice. Startlingly honest, and without wasting words, the author offers an-depth look at the truths behind the self-help industry, providing a riveting read that will help the reader look at life with a different perspective.

“I don’t have the answers,” Long warns. “I will tell you what worked for me and what I think is bullshit, but most of all I just want to get you thinking.”

And that’s exactly what it does. Cut the bullshit is already receiving rave reviews and testimonials from delighted readers:

“A catchy title, with substance. Finally someone unraveled the gimmickry of the self-help industry – a lot of necessary-to-hear truths.” ~ Rick Mathis

“Don’t waste your time or money on reading ‘similar’ books. Dick is no comedian; there is really no shock factor here, just plain old common sense. A gem.” ~ Alex Rogers

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