TIAN XI Chinese Dress Series Launches in Beijing

SS2020 TIAN XI “Paradise” Chinese dress series was launched at China Fashion week. It took 105 days, 2520 hours, 5000 times of wearing beads, more than 20000 stitches of gold and silver thread. The pure hand-made “TIAN XI Emperor’s Dress” series, the one stitch and one thread of which is a classic of the future.


The brand of TIAN XI inherits the Chinese traditional skills and gives a new conceptual design. The theme of “Paradise” brought by this release explains the three realms of Chinese clothing culture: the spatial relationship between man and nature, the structural relationship between man and clothing, and the dialectical relationship between man and ideology returning to nature. It is not only the garden seen by the eyes, but also the spiritual paradise with free mind. Many literati and calligraphers used to splash ink in the garden, but the designers have a free spirit in the flowing lines.


Xu Chuanhai, the Founder of the Brand, said that TIAN XI brand creates a dream of inheriting Chinese culture and reviving traditional handicrafts, and also presents the contemporary life symbols under the Oriental etiquette system.

Brand introduction

“Heaven”, which stands high above the masses and is boundless; “Seal”Pioneer’s seal, which believes the belief of the loyal and upright.

「TIAN XI」 is a Chinese style brand of JUSERE which imprints the Chinese traditional cultures and means foresight and pioneering spirits.

「TIAN XI」always adheres to the cultural concept of “Serve You Politely and Follow Your Heart” and is committed to inheriting oriental elegant culture and making highly recognizable Chinese dress with sense of ceremony by virtue of exquisite craftsmanship, excellent design and innovation.

The works of every season are both tribute to the classic and dialogue with the future, striving to respect the costumes from material to manufacturing details and ceremonial behavior, thus presenting and interpreting the criterion and level of Chinese dress.

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