StratEDGE launches of its predictive analytics module: the stratEDGE Predictive Wizard™

StratEDGE® App – a platform that uses predictive advertising analytics to maximize the return on advertising spends through our custom-tailored solutions – has announced the launch of the stratEDGE Predictive Wizard™.  The stratEDGE Predictive Wizard™ is a quiz that helps users to determine which social media platform(s) will have the best ROI for them.

While its competitors have a broad focus on many performance metrics, stratEDGE has a niche focus on maximizing its users’ return on advertising spend — the highest return on advertising spend (ROAS). StratEDGE takes a different approach than what else is out there. After identifying gaps in the market, stratEDGE has chosen to fill them for your convenience. They’re continuously testing and doing research to make sure what we’re offering actually works.

StratEDGE offers a Campaign Analytics View: it allows the user to compare and contrast the advertising-to-sales ratio to see which platform is earning the highest return on advertising spend overall. This allows users to identify where they should be advertising online. StratEDGE has a two-week free trial period, and then it’s $15/mo.

StratEDGE is one of the most promising advertising tech-startups out there, and it’s currently looking for Angel and Seed Investors for our seed equity round.

We have asked a few questions to Kaci Beerbower – founder of stratEDGE – to better understand the impact of the platform.

Q. What’s in for investors and VCs that want to invest in your platform?

A. The risk reduction strategies we took to protect our investors at such an early stage:

1. Market risk reduction strategy: Freemium model, initial “beta” launch received hundreds of users that are converting to paying customers, current discussions with medium- and large-size advertising company for partnerships, developing a channel strategies for increased online visibility

2. Technology risk reduction strategy: Tech – CTO that has developed a large-scale architecture for well-known products (Navigenics), built a strong development team (will bring them on as stratEDGE employees), fully developed MVP with customer inputs; 

3. Execution risk reduction strategy: Execution – strong advertising and technology team, clear go-to-market strategy, a deep understanding of the unit economics;

Q. How does stratEDGE differentiate from the competition?

A. While our competitors’ SaaS is solely AdTech, our SaaS is a combination of two technologies: AdTech and FinTech. Thus, using this term brands our technology in a way that other companies have not. As a result, stratEDGE is not just AdTech, and it is not just FinTech either; it is AdFinTech. 

Additionally, our competitors seem to tackle too many services for the series in which they are. In other words, both AdHawk and Unified focus on several facets at which that are they are “okay.” Nevertheless, stratEDGE focuses on one aspect at which it is excellent: Allocating companies’ advertising budgets to their most profitable platform(s) using predictive analytics. In turn, we have dedicated our technology to optimize return on advertising spend (ROAS) on a real-time, consistent basis.

Q. What is the present or future role of AI in your platform?

A. 1. To be the first in the industry to use machine-learning to eliminate the need for digital advertisers and marketers to spend their marketing budget on research and A/B testing, which attributes to 26% of the wasted advertising spend in the U.S. That means, this year the U.S. will spend $130B on digital advertising spend, leaving a whopping $33.8B wasted due to digital advertisers and marketers inability to understand fully where their campaigns best perform on advertising platforms.

2. To have decreased wasted digital advertising spend in the U.S. from 26% to 13% within one year, using blockchain to collect data points on where the wasted advertising dollars are being spent.

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