WDOC Foreign Startup Conference was successfully held in Singapore

On October 29th, the overseas launch meeting of the WDOC project sponsored by the WODC Project Foundation of the Financial Ecology Chain was successfully held in Xinjiapu.

The financial eco-chain aims to build a distributed future “bank”. Just as traditional banks are the infrastructure of modern finance, the grand goal of the financial eco-chain is to build a distributed digital asset financial infrastructure. The financial eco-chain completes the connection and value exchange of different blockchain books in a distributed manner. It applies cryptography frontier theory to create a universal cross-chain protocol and a distributed ledger that records cross-chain transactions and intra-chain transactions. Whether it is a public chain, a private chain or a coalition chain, it can access the financial ecosystem at a low cost and achieve different The connection of the blockchain ledger and the cross-book transfer of assets.

This ledger not only supports smart contracts, but also supports the privacy protection of smart contract token transactions. Through the financial eco-chain, any institution or individual can open its own business window in the future “bank” and provide services such as deposit, loan, exchange, payment and settlement based on digital assets. Through the protection of blockchain-based infrastructure provided by “banks”, more people can enjoy richer digital asset-based financial services. A more accurate description, the financial eco-chain is a distributed super-financial market based on blockchain. We hope that through the financial ecosystem, commercial blockchains will have unlimited capacity, basic freedom and the ability to protect trade secrets; and connect different businesses and scenarios through technology to achieve efficient collaboration.

The financial eco-chain is a polymorphic digital asset, which means it can evolve into many different forms of numbers (WODC). Digital assets operate in a similar way to Bitcoin, but some optimizations and new rules allow the financial ecosystem to support its value. The financial eco-chain, in addition to all the features of Bitcoin, offers new features that allow you to earn dividends in the financial ecosystem or from digital assets derived from the financial eco-chain beyond 24 hours. These bonuses come from mining incentives. And part of the transaction fee is awarded to each block and distributed in a way that does not increase the network burden.

The financial eco-chain is the first underlying public-chain platform designed to focus on the commercial application of the digital asset industry. It is the blockchain platform most suitable for digital new financial services. It is a new generation of digital asset banks and the future direction of smart finance. Mainly used in many applications such as crowdfunding, wealth management and lending, supply chain and consumer finance, digital asset management, micropayment, c2c transactions and digital identity.

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