American Teacher Wants The World To Adopt The Best Aspects of the Chinese Educational System – Johann Lewis

Johann Lewis, an American teacher from the Hailiang Foreign Language School wants to promote the best parts of the Chinese education programs to the rest of the world.

According to a recent report that looked at the best education systems around the world, the United Kingdom ranked first followed by the USA in second place and Canada in third place. Although the UK educational system is one of the most widely used around the world, an American teacher from Hailiang Foreign Language School believes we need to pay more attention to Chinese education programs.

When it comes to education, China is not top of the list in people’s minds. However, ancient China was a land of invention. For centuries, the country was more advanced than other countries in important subjects such as science and technology, and maths. Johann Lewis who works as an Academic Director of English Curriculum and Instruction of Hailing Foreign Language school has said we need to look at the positives of education in China and share that with educational outlets around the world.

Johann Lewis has said that all countries should learn from each other when it comes to education. By working together and sharing the best practices, students around the world could become better educated.

The American teacher who lives in China explained: “International education should not merely consist of importing educational programs from overseas into one’s own country, but it should also consist of exporting educational programs overseas to other countries that can benefit from these programs. In my eyes, this project is the first monumental step in introducing the Chinese educational curriculum to the rest of the world, allowing others to see, use and adopt the best aspects of the Chinese educational system.”

The education system in China is rapidly expanding and producing the business leaders and scientists of tomorrow.  Johann Lewis who is undertaking a huge translation project to translate Chinese educational books into English believes sharing educational techniques can enrich lives around the world.

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Johann Lewis is an American accountant-turned-teacher, currently living in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province, China. He serves as the Academic Director of English Curriculum and Instruction at Hailiang Foreign Language School, a subsidiary of Hailiang Education Management Group. Over the years he has received awards for his work and contribution to providing quality education based on commitment and sacrifice.

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