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Computers, typing, and sedentary lifestyles have made proper posture difficult to maintain. That’s why Winposture Technology Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the introduction of their new back brace, Winposture.

More and more people around the world suffer from chronic back, cervical, and shoulder pain associated with poor posture and behaviors linked to work environments that aren’t conducive to the maintenance of correct posture and back alignment. Ongoing poor posture can lead to negative and long-lasting medical issues, expensive medical bills and possible surgical interventions.

Designed to provide support and help correct posture, Winpostureis wearable intelligence that can help ameliorate backpain associated with poor posture.


Winposture works both actively and passively to create proper spinal alignment. Unlike many other related products, Winposture uses gentle vibration to actively remind the user to straighten their back and body. After the user puts on Winposture for the first time and correctly adjusts it, the device will calibrate itself to the user’s unique body type.

“Many people don’t realize it, but good posture is something people notice and use to create a first impression,” says Winposture spokesperson Bella Hibell. “Good, upright posture and walking speaks of self-confidence, self-reliance, and a better, more positive attitude in general.”

Available in sizes that fit almost everyone, Winposture is small enough to be worn under clothing and virtually invisible. It’s comfortable, too, and can be worn for extended periods in any number of different working and relaxing situations.

Winposture uses no batteries and can be easily recharged with the provided USB charging cable. A single charge is enough to allow a user to wear Winposture for an average 16-hour day.

“The ultimate goal is to train the body and muscles to maintain proper posture throughout the day,” says Hibell. “Over time, as their posture improves, the user will feel the reminders less and less frequently, although continued Winposture use is recommended to maintain muscle memory.”

More information about Winposture and well as schematics, a video and instructions on how to purchase the product are available at

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