Robert W. Sheffield, MD Becomes One of Santa Barbara’s Only Plastic Surgeons Specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery Under Local Anesthesia

Robert W. Sheffield, MD has garnered a reputation in the Santa Barbara, CA as one of the most distinguished plastic surgeons of the area. Much of this is due to his experience of over 35 years in the practice of aesthetic surgery. He has made a name of himself as one of the best practitioners of rhinoplasty in Santa Barbara. Dr. Sheffield uses all the latest techniques to ensure that his patients can achieve a natural looking result.

He is also renowned for being one of the primary providers of facelift in Santa Barbara. His methodologies improve the aesthetic concerns of aging, removing many of the visible signs around the lower face and neck region.

The quality of Dr. Sheffield’s work is something that he very closely focuses on. Recently, he realized that an increasing number of patients were unsatisfied with the use of general anesthesia during procedures like rhinoplasty and facelifts. General anesthesia tends to be invasive and leads to a longer recovery period.

Patient comfort and satisfaction is something that Dr. Sheffield greatly values. As such, he has become one of Santa Barbara’s only plastic surgeons to offer the use of local anesthesia. This is a unique oral sedation technique that usually does not require the use of a narcotic.  Several procedures including rhinoplasty and facelifts can be performed with the utmost comfort and safety through local anesthesia.

Dr. Robert hopes that this unique and non-invasive alternative shortens the recovery period of his patients. This is just one of his efforts among many to perfect his surgeries. The focus and sheer dedication he puts into his work has earned him the popularity he has. Many consider him to be the premier choice for plastic surgery in Santa Barbara.  

About SB Aesthetics:

SB Aesthetics is headed by Dr. Sheffield. He has practiced over thirty years performing traditional cosmetic procedures, however, at this point in his career he focuses on the minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures.

This allows him to assist patients with procedures under topical or local anesthesia. During a consultation the patient is fully informed of all available procedures and a recommendation is given. There is a genuine interest here to guide the patent to achieve his or her goals. Whether the procedure is a Botox injection, microneedling, IPL photo facial treatments or an upper eyelid procedure as examples these procedures allow for a large degree of safety and minimal risk.

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