First of its Kind Supplier of Black-Owned Natural Hair & Skin Care Products Opens in Woodstock, GA

Founder realized need for hair and skin care products for individuals of color.

Woodstock, GA – A first of its kind supplier of black-owned natural hair and skin care products is pleased to announce they have opened their first location in Woodstock, Georgia.

Founded by Susana Walas, Fro Butter is rapidly becoming one of the most trusted eCommerce suppliers of natural hair and skin care products for African Americans.  The company offers a wide range of natural and organic products to help keep hair in a state of unfading moistness, freshness, and perfect health.

“Each of our products are carefully made from selected 100% natural ingredients with painstaking effort for the perfect end result,” says Walas.  “Our vision is to take away your hair related worries as you watch your hair goals become a reality.”

For Walas, determining the current location for Fro Butter was a time-consuming task.  Despite the challenge, Walas and her team of experts scouted a large number of areas throughout Georgia to figure out the most suitable location for her products.

“After scouting out the Woodstock demographic, we concluded there are very few, if any, establishments within 15 miles of the area which consumers can go to buy hair and skin care products for people of color,” states Walas.  “The area has a majority Caucasian demographic, however, with the expanding new construction of suburban housing, more African Americans have migrated to the area with nowhere to shop for products that cater to us.”

As a result of her in-depth research, Walas has determined that Fro Butter is the first of its kind to cater to this specific need.  Furthermore, to ensure clients feel confident about the validity of her new line, all of Fro Butter’s products are manufactured, retailed, and sold on location at the store front.

Fro Butter is the ultimate solution to resolve issues associated with dry hair, including:

  • Reduce flaky and itchy scalp
  • Provide suiting formulas for damaged or chemically produced hair
  • Reduce appearance of breakage and shedding
  • Help to maintain healthy, soft, and moisturized hair
  • Affordable prices that won’t break the bank

Fro Butter’s new location can be found at:

4596 Towne Lake Parkway
Building 300, Suite 140
Woodstock, GA 30114

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About the Company

The idea for Fro Butter was founded by Susana Walas at a difficult point in her life.  At 25, Walas found herself divorced, unemployed, with no degree, and a single mother of four children.

During this time, Walas was doing hair for others in her living room to make ends meet, while researching the best methods to help women transition back to sustaining their natural hair.   By applying her knowledge, Walas was able to help many clients in her community, who encouraged her to start her own business.  Fro Butter was born.

Today, Fro Butter has a line of 25 different products that are beneficial for textured hair and melanated skin. 

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