Epic Bong Kitchen Introduces an array of authentic Indian and Bengali chicken and mutton Recipes

Amongst Indian meals recipe the delicacies of Bengal are as wealthy and distinct because the state itself.Within India, every region and state have used their own culinary skills and taste for centuries to develop some of the finest chicken and mutton dishes. You will notice subtle variations of use of spice and herbs as you travel across the country.

There is heavy influence of Mughals, Parsis, & Anglo Indian cuisines in some of the very popular dishes. While many of them evolved over time, some of the cuisines are liked by many across the globe. For example, in western hemisphere, Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken etc. are go-to dishes not only for Indian living abroad. They are very well liked and sought after by others as well. 


It was believed that cooking is an artwork that comes from professional cooks, however Epic Bong Kitchen – YouTube channel owned by Swagata Chakrabarti makes it easy to cook some of the most popular chicken and mutton dishes in Bengali style:

1.   Chicken Tikka Masala

2.   Kolhapuri Chicken

3.   Chicken Chowmein (Kolkata style)

4.   Chicken 65

5.   Thai Yellow Chicken Curry

6.   Chicken Kosha (Bengali style)

7.   Dahi Chicken

8.   Chili Chicken

9.   Chicken Pulao

10. Chicken Nihari

11. Bengali style Chicken Curry (using Instant Pot)

12. Chicken Korma

13. Butter Chicken

14. Bengali Mutton Curry

15. Golbari style Mutton Kosha

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/GBcwBaqJeIg

Welcome to Epic Bong Kitchen… if you haven’t noticed already, this is how I greet and welcome my viewers to all my videos in YouTube.  By the way, I am just like many of you, who have been sitting on the fences and pondering (…and pondering), and by no means bothered to leap in. Thanks to all my friends, who helped me overcome this barrier, and because of their continuous encouragement, I’m able to accumulate my ideas as we speak to to you about my venture – Epic Bong Kitchen.

Simply so we are all on same page, Epic Bong Kitchen isn’t (rather shouldn’t be) just “another” cooking channel in YouTube that everyone likes and subscribes as they browse web and encounter. There is a deeper imaginative and prescient behind the insanity Listed here are few of the important drivers:

  1. Wholesome consuming hasn’t been more essential in our lifetime. In today’s fast and stressful life, a wholesome and healthy diet could make an enormous distinction in your wellbeing.
  2. Let’s talk about taste next. We all need to satisfy our taste buds…we often go out (or get home delivery) and eat just for that reason. What an experience. right? but think about it more. It wasn’t probably the healthiest meal you had. We all know it but nonetheless continue to do it. Nothing to feel bad about it though.
  3. There is a solution for both the problems above. Cook at home. Don’t underestimate your abilities. If you love to eat and a foddie, you positively have the taste bud to experiment and make it perfect. I always say, cooking is more of an art than science. You keep tweaking things here and there, and soon you will be serving yourself the tastiest dish you ever had. This is ONE of the main reasons, why I’m sharing my recipes. I strongly believe cooking at home is the best way to stay healthy. Give it a try. I also tried and learned, and so can you!
  4. Epic Bong Kitchen has several intangible and “audacious” objectives. We are just starting out and not there yet…but here is what we are driving towards:
    1. We want to empower and encourage others to cook and be a part of us on this journey. We are going to open our doorways to anybody to make use of our model to showcase their cooking expertise. Let’s construct a group of like-minded house cooks like me and collaborate
    2. Venture – Epic Bong Kitchen will also partner and contribute to the cause of feeding those, who are not fortunate enough to have healthy meals every day.

When you share any of my considerations, let’s crew up. Let’s collaborate and take this venture ahead.

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