Keeping Internet Censors and Geo Blocking Away with Secure, Private and User Friendly RitaVPN

Keeping Internet Censors and Geo Blocking Away with Secure, Private and User Friendly RitaVPN

November 4, 2019 RitaVPN, the easy to use and fully encrypted virtual private network service, allows everyone to browse the internet without any blocking, restrictions, censoring or tracking. The premium VPN service is now available for safe and secure surfing anywhere in the world, on Android, iOS and Windows.

RitaVPN is extremely easy to install and use, with its one-click use feature and universal installation. Users can enjoy unfettered access to all social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, which are sometimes restricted in some geographies.

“We have built RitaVPN keeping in mind the exact needs and preferences of internet users. This is the safest, easiest and complete VPN service you will find anywhere. Install and forget all worries,” says Kenna from RitaVPN.

RitaVPN makes the user’s IP hidden and confidential, and this allows the user to surf the internet and access any resource. Entertainment sites like Netflix or Hulu are a favorite, but not everyone gets access. RitaVPN is the simplest solution, and by hiding the IP address, allows users to get access.

With end-to-end encryption, all user information remains private. The network is also secure against hacking. A strong encryption allows it to be used in public networks such as cafes, lobbies, airports or schools. All user data or content, in the form of emails, chats and messages, photos, social media passwords, or online bank accounts, etc., remain out of reach and secure.

RitaVPN comes with no bandwidth restrictions and is intended to keep censoring at bay. The service offers a Free trial via watching ads. Other features include – do-not-log-online activity, connect 4 devices simultaneously, and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

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