The official announcement about malware found in CamScanner APP

November 4, 2019 – Recently, it has been reported that CamScanner APP was found to contain malicious modules that may generate unauthorized advertising clicks. And CamScanner APP team immediately launched an investigation. Fortunately, after several rounds of security checks, there was no evidence that the module could have caused a document data breach. So far, CamScanner has removed all ads that are not certified by Google Play and will release a new version.

CamScanner is a renowned APP on document management solution for individuals, small businesses, organizations, governments and schools around the world. Recently, it has announced the launch of several new features. These new functionalities have taken the lead in being introduced among a few international exhibitions this year, such as Money 2020, Japan IT Week, etc.

CamScanner APP( is favored by office people and students for its complete accuracy information recognition and intelligent document management function. The recognition accuracy is up to 99%, never miss any detail. Besides, it is the perfect fit for those who want to digitize, scan, sync, share and manage various contents on all devices. All these latest features of CamScanner APP aim at providing users with extremely enjoyable experience through high-quality scans of their documents.

Some these new features on CamScanner APP are:

• Search and translate – The new smart optical character recognition (OCR) allow users to search any text from their scanned documents and translate it into more than 60 languages.

• From book to e-book – Users can easily click and scan a book. Upon taking the image, the left and right pages will be split automatically, to provide the experience of an e-book. The bent text will also be corrected for clarity. (Available for Android users temporarily.)

• Print your certificates – Users can scan their certificates and attain the print ready view, creasing out the bent text etc.

• From image to spreadsheet – Users can take photo of a paper and instantly convert it to a spreadsheet. 

In short, CamScanner APP has enhanced its worldwide-leading OCR (optical character recognition) tech, gives an automatic recognition of text on a photoshoot and a fast search of the converted text. Meanwhile, encryption code has been upgraded, several new additions to the safety and security layers ensure that users have full control over their documents, all the time.

Mr. Miller stated that CamScanner APP will continue to focus on the field of OCR when talking about future development. “Keep technology iteration, keep pace with the times changing and meet the needs of users is our vision. Providing users in different regions of the world with more fitted functions, boosting their working and studying efficiency will always be CamScanner APP’s goal.”

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