Pro token, a digital asset wallet for blockchain games

In order to improve the game experience, reproduce the game interest and expand the return on game investment, Singapore AVIVA global Technology Investment Foundation set up a technical team to develop another creative digital asset wallet, pro token, after Imtoken and Kcash. Through the blockchain technology, the popular games in the 1970s and 1980s will be upgraded, such as: slot machines, Texas poker, black jack, etc., to regain the joy of childhood.

Pro token integrates the game currency and digital asset storage into one, unifies all the game virtual currencies on the platform, and achieves asset value-added in entertainment. The independent research and development of Pro token’s gram public chain TPS reaches millions of magnitude, which can easily accommodate large-scale games with multiple people online at the same time, while trading, avoiding congestion and collapse. 

A game download store similar to app store will be launched in Pro token wallet ecosystem, and the latest games will be updated automatically in the store, so that users can enjoy the value game world of gram. Pro token enables other game developers to develop their own games based on the gram blockchain by establishing and improving development components. In order to make the games developed by independent developers run on the pro token, avoid the non circulation of various tokens issued within the game, and promote the ecological operation of the pro token, the gram community developer community agreed to keep the internal communication All certificates and awards are run in gram. The POC mechanism is adopted by Pro token. The more game value the player creates, the more gram he gets. This way, the player can not play the game for the sake of playing, but get fun from the game through his own intelligence and understanding of the rules of the game, and get corresponding rewards.  

Pro token integrates new technologies such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, and ISO win-win algorithm. Pro token is the first distribution mechanism game blockchain with game users as the core. Each step is designed around game users to ensure that each game user can get a certain return on assets while playing. Gram is the embodiment of game value transmission and game assets in Pro token game ecosystem.           

The game enrichment incubator built by Pro token has four complete industrial chains of investment, incubation, acceleration and operation. Through blockchain technology, the rules of the game are made public and transparent, effectively solving the limitations of traditional game recharge, easily improving game traffic, providing convenience for players, integrating the current chaotic game market, and creating a unified and safe game investment platform. Life is a game, a wonderful journey of unknown and expectant experience. The appearance of Pro token is the new world you can see in this experience.

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